ANSI Layout Custom Color Cherry MX Keycap Set

AN EXAMPLE: Max Keyboard 104-Key Layout Custom Color Cherry MX Full Replacement Keycap Set
61/87/104 ANSI layout is commonly used in US, Canada, and Australia (US QWERTY layout). ***Note: We will disregard the numberpad section if 87-key TKL is selected***
ANSI 61-key (60%) ANSI 87-key (TKL) ANSI 104-key (FULL SIZE)
Please refer to the key layout and size chart on "SPECIFICATION" tab. Green color zone represents the difference in bottom row layout with 6.0x, 6.25x and 6.5x spacebar.
NOTE: If "Blank/Non Printed" keycap is selected, entire keycap set will not be printed regardless of your design.
Recommended steel wire key puller for easy key removal.
Let us know in the "Comment" box If you need to have 1 OS key and 1 FN key or others. (Only applies to printed keycap set)
Design your keycap set color scheme using our keycap set designer below. Once you are done, double check your color scheme and selection then click "ADD TO CART" to proceed with the ordering process. NOTE: To prevent delay in processing your order, your selection above must match your design below.

. Compatible with Cherry MX / Gateron / Kailh / Razer mechanical switch
. Designed for non-backlight mechanical keyboard
. Custom color with custom print
. Complete Cherry MX replacement keycap set


Keycap color Custom color combination
Number of Keys 87 or 104
Layout ANSI
Bottom row layout Select from 6.0, 6.25 or 6.5 Spacebar layout
6.0x - All Razer Blackwidow Keyboards.
6.25x - Typical standard mechanical keyboards
6.5x - Logitech G710, G710+. Corsair Vengeance Kxx series, CM Storm QF TK
Print Select from options
Material ABS

*** If you are not sure which keyboard layout and keycap size to choose, CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***

*Please refer to the following keycap layout and size chart. Green color zone represents the difference in bottom row layout with 6.0x, 6.25x and 6.5x spacebar.

Max Keyboard 104 ANSI Layout with 6.0x unit spacebar

Max Keyboard 104 ANSI Layout with 6.25x unit spacebar

Max Keyboard 104 ANSI Layout with 6.5x unit spacebar
. Item is packed in clear plastic bag and shipped with yellow padded envelope to save buyers on shipping cost.
. Color panels are for reference only. Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Keycap Features

Bottom Row Layout:
  • Select from options
  • 6.0x Spacebar Row
  • 6.25x Spacebar Row
  • 6.5x Spacebar Row
Keycap Color:
  • Custom Color Combination
  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
Keycap Layout:
  • ANSI 104-Key
  • ANSI 87-Key
Keycap Legends:
  • UV Print
Keycap Material:
  • ABS
Keycap Print:
  • Select from Options
  • Blank / Non Printed
  • Front Side Print
  • Top Print
This is my first custom key cap set and I'm very happy with it. The font application is done properly and so far it still looks like it is new out of the box (3 weeks in usage). The caps feel nice and are not getting greasy, so far. (That always happens to me with regular default caps on a keyboard.)
Really happy with the key caps. Arrived exactly as expected as per the online keyboard colour/print design I chose via the online keyboard tool. Was impressed with how fast the order was processed and how quickly it was shipped. Very happy!
Very pleased with the product and this company's service. They worked with me on some special custom function keys for my keyboard and the result has been excellent. Very pleased.
Fantastic keycap set in multiple color options!
My custom set came out great, the colors match the design well. There were plenty of options to pick from when designing my set, and it looks great on my Rosewill. The plastic is a little thin and light, but I actually like that for cherry browns. The texture is nice and I anticipate getting years of use out of this current setup.
Caps are great / arrive fast
Two sets so far. Both very impressive.
I recived the product no problem. Everythink works smoothly.
I highly recomend!
Expectations met perfectly. You honestly are getting a good deal on some great keycaps.
Ordered a mixed set of black/green with legends printed on the side.
Keys are of expected quality, legends are nice and crisp.

I did ask in the comments for an alternate legend on one of the keys, and they called to confirm and made the change with no issue.

Also worth noting, my order arrived short three keys. I called and explained the issue, they shipped me replacements, no hassle.

Highly recommended.
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