Black Translucent Cherry MX Blank Keycap Set (ESC, WASD, Arrow Keys)

Max Keyboard Custom Black Translucent Cherry MX Blank Keycap Set for ESC, W,A,S,D or E,S,D,F and Arrow Keys
Recommended steel wire style key puller for easy key removal.

A set of 9 MAX signature Cherry MX universal translucent clear black keycap set. Our special formulation "Smoke Translucent Clear Black" gives you a distinctive look of black-gray color when there is no light passthrough them. When backlit, this spectacular keycap diffuses the light into a magical glowing effect.

. Fit Cherry MX / Kailh / Gateron / Razer mechanical switch
. Designed for backlight / non-backlight mechanical keyboard
. Completely blank with no print or legends

. R4/E key cap (1) - to be placed on "ESC" key
. R3/D key cap (1) - to be placed on "W" or "E" key
. R2/C key cap (3) - to be placed on "A,S,D" or "S,D,F" key
. R1/B key cap (4) - to be placed on "Arrow" key
. Wire key cap puller (1) (OPTIONAL, please select from drop down box)

*Please refer to the following key placement diagram. Green color zone represents the intended 1x1 key cap key placement

R4 B profile row


  • Overall, these keycaps are just amazing. They look super nice, and work well, and look clean without the text. I replaced my WASD & Arrow keys, and so far I have no real complaints, other than some small issues.

    The keycaps came in a small package, with a paper underneath to make sure that replacement is easy, and you know what keys are to replace which keys. Very nice touch

    The keycaps look great without a backlight on, but when they do, they really show what they look like. It's something that you can only really see in person, and are much better than typical WASD / Arrow keycaps.

    There are some drawbacks however. There are numbers that you can see once a backlight is on, and some other visual errors that, while you have to look at closely to find, bother me. By all means, these keycaps aren't bad, but some small visual issues that I was really picky for I found. Almost 5 stars.
    Perfect replacements for broken caps on my keyboard, will be purchasing the rest of the cap set soon.
    Snelle levering naar België.
    Heb hiermee mijn G710+ toetsenbord snel kunnen repareren.
    Not really as good as the portal keykaps these just do their job. if you ask for the print as I did it's on the front face and not on the top so barely visible and doesn't fit the setup of the rest of your keyboard. Also it's just a print; it isn't a slightly transparent bit of the key in the shape of the letter. Plus a tad too transparent. the backlighting shines too much through it. I can't complain though. I don't want perfect aesthetic I just want to be able to press my key. On that note : G710+ is a waste of money.
    The keys have more of a "TACK" sound rather than a "CLICK" on a Rapid Fire-i. I'm not sure how else to describe it in words.

    Overal the service has been pretty good, I think the sending cost is even cheaper than in my own country.

    I used this set (Arrow keys only) in combination with White LEDs AND with a blue color cap on top. They look pretty good, but I still prefer the material of the keys from my Rapid-I. (I'm used to it, I don't know the material type, but they're smooth when you stroke it)

    The keys itself are also quite smooth though, no doubt about that. In short, I would recommend!
    Looks great & fits like a glove
    Translucent style looks very nice on my white LED keyboard (G710+) but like "Saudi" pointed out, you can see the small "B"'s and "D"'s molded inside of the keys, but its not a big concern, all i wanted was working keys that support backlight keyboards!
    Shipping took ages to me (Germany) due to customs and whatever else but it eventually arrived.
    I really like the translucent look to distinguish my WASD from the rest of my keys. My only complaint is that on mine you can see little "B"s molded underneath the caps when the lights are on. This wasn't noticeable when I had them on my keyboard that had the LEDS on the bottom of the switch, but I can see them now on my board that has the LEDS on the top. I guess it's some sort of manufacturing identifier. It doesn't really bother me but I could see where it would be off putting to the most discerning enthusiasts.
    I think they keys and idea is really cool. The look of being a black key without backlighting and being transparent with backlight is cool AMD works very well! The look of it while lit will change depending on your keyboards lighting system. Mine has lights at the top half only but in a way I kinda like that better for me.

    Downsides. While it can't be avoided there's a center cross that blocks light making the key look fragmented with a backlight. As if its 4 sections instead of one whole key. It might deter people if they don't like how that looks. Doesn't bother me much. The keys are short. I have ducky shine 4 keys and using these on my wasd keys are noticibly shorter than all my other keys. I got used to typing with that but at first it was annoying and really stood out. That's my main reason for docking off a star.

    Overall the keys are cool. Really great concept and execution. Look to see if you like the style before buying though.
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