Cherry MX Keycap Stabilizer Insert (4 pcs)

Cherry MX Keycap Stabilizer Insert (4 pcs)
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Use on longer Cherry MX keycap for attachment of metal wire stabilizer.

Great product. Fast delivery.
These are exactly what I was looking for, and the quality is very good too. Nothing snapped during installation.
Just what I needed to fix my shift key when my original inserts started coming loose. These snapped in securely to the keycaps and have held my stabilizer bar firm ever since. Great to have the keys working again.
We ordered these to fix damaged keys on our Razor keyboard worked perfectly and those keys now operate as expected. Excellent product fast delivery. Thanks.
Ordered these to replace one I snapped on my Blackwidow 2013, Fit perfectly and work along side the remaining stock stabilizer, expected to get 4 as pictured, received 6, Expected 21 working days for delivery, shipping to the UK, Received two weeks after ordering, Fantastic service, thanks a million guy's,
Works as well as the one that came stock with my Razer Blackwidow X Chroma. So, I mean, but them if you need them!
Excellent quality. Processed & arrived quickly. 10/10 would buy from them again.
Solid construction, and does what it should.
Broke one that the keyboard came with while gaming, and this was the perfect replacement. These are actually somewhat sturdier. The spacebar was a little sticky at first, but with a bit of use, it's good as new. You can't even tell it was ever busted in the first place.
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