Custom Art Icon or Text Cherry MX Keycaps

Example: Max Keyboard Custom Art Cherry MX Keycaps
Images can be full color. Bitmaps file should be at least 300px resolution. Vector graphics preferred. (max file size 2mb. Allowed file: ai, eps, svg, jpg, gif, bmp, tif, psd, png)
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Now you can order your own personalized custom art icon or text for Cherry MX keycaps.

A) Select the size of the keycap you wish to order
B) Select the color of the keycap.
C) Upload graphic (or email to
D) For best results, we suggest a minimum of 300 x 300 px resolution.
E) Please use the comment box field to specify how you want your graphic to aligned and approximately how large you want your graphic to be printed.

. High-resolution UV color printing. (not backlit compatible)
. Different keycap sizes and colors will not qualify for combined quantity discounts.
. Custom keys may require additional 2-3 business processing days.
Example: Each R4 1x1 key is $7, 3-5 keys @$6/each and purchases of 6 keys or more with the same size and profile @$5/each.

*** If you are not sure which keyboard layout and keycap size to choose, CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***

I went into this purchase hesitant, and only got a few key caps with some custom art to see the quality.

I was honestly blown away. The turnaround was as fast as expected, the plastic quality is equal to my original mechanical keycaps. The print quality really blew me away tho, I didn't know what to expect with the art I uploaded and wasn't sure if MaxKeyboard would just slap the file into a printer and hope for the best but it was perfectly centered and the DPI so tight you can barely notice it.

Seriously top notch, made for an amazing christmas gift to my mech keyboard obsessed roomate who customizes her keyboards. I got one for myself even, and plan on getting more.

A++, stellar, dunno how many more good things I can say without sounding like a crazy person.
FANTASTIC key, really happy with the quality. I had a white dove icon printed on a bright blue keycap to replace my escape key on my Aukey mechanical keyboard at work, and it fit perfectly and looks fantastic! Highly recommended. Will probably order another for a Tomoko mechanical keyboard I have at home (the custom key I ordered for the Aukey also worked fine on the Tomoko).
Exactly the color and design that I envisioned when I submitted the order. The key caps are high quality, but really tight fitting on the switches... But it's not like you want them to pop off so that's ok.
I love my nighthawk keyboard but it was setup for Windows modifier keys, so I made my own custom APPLE and ALT/OPTION keys, so cool! thanks!
Great service. Quick delivery to Europe. Sent a proof PDF to ensure I was happy with the custom key. Key looks exactly as I had expected.
Perfect construction and print job!
Got a logo of my college as a keycap and lemme tell ya, when I pull my Pok3r out in class, you can feel the humidity rise from all the college girls just waiting for me to pop their MX Cherries.
Wonderful build quality and excellent results. Will be ordering more, for sure.
I got a keycap with a logo on it. I've had it for over a month now and it hasn't lost its color or faded in any way. The keycap itself is single-shot plastic. I've had the keycap for a while now and use it extensively (I use it on my command key). MaxKB does great work, and I wish them all the best.
I had a few color printed keycaps made from Max.
The keycap itself was pretty solid. The printing on it was pretty accurate, with great color reproduction. It's been roughly 2 months since I ordered these and so far they're holding up well. The printed portion hasn't faded or chipped off in any way. Would recommend!
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