Custom Kinesis Freestyle Edge Mac Modifier backlight keycaps

Example: Kinesis Freestyle Edge Custom Mac Modifier keys
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Order your own Kinesis Freestyle Edge personalized and customized Mac Modifier backlight keycaps.

Each set comes with 4 pcs R1 profile custom keycap (R1 1u, R1 1.25, R1 1.25, R1 1.75)

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. These keys are made to order
. R1/B key profile.
. Custom keys may require additional 2-3 business processing days.

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Annoyed that Kinesis does not provide Mac modifier keys with their Edge but very pleased that Max makes these; the quality is good and they blend right in with the Edge keyset.
I was SO STOKED to find these keycaps here! It's definitely a niche product, but I've been using Kinesis Freestyles for a decade with Macs and the awesome new Edge keyboards are... awesome! Yet Kinesis cannot be bothered to make Mac keys to ship with the Edge - thankfully Max Keyboard came to the rescue! I got option B and they look STOCK on my board. *kisses fingers and points at MaxKeyboard*
Fits right in on my Kinesis Freestyle Edge and looks like they came as original equipment. I’m very pleased with the quality of the materials and graphics.
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