I had been looking for replacement keycaps -- specifically, I just needed an 'S' -- for my Corsair K95RGB, and not being able to find any, I stumbled upon MaxKeyboard. While, at the time, they did not have strict full replacement sets, they did have black translucent with the option of front side etching. When I saw the biohazard, portal, PANIC, and the like symbols, I knew I had to have them. I thought I had made a mistake on my order, and canceled, then ordered a different set. As soon as I canceled, Jerry sent me email asking what was up, then he assured me that the set I had ordered did indeed have the "fun keys". In the end, I ended up with a great set of keys for work.

Fast forward about 9 months, and I check back to see they have CUSTOM KEY CAPS! Do they fit a Corsair KXXRGB? Yes, they do (no G-keys for the K95, but that's okay -- I'll worry about those later)! As soon as I send in the artwork am I contacted and asked to verify technical corrections.

Top notch service, friendly responses, and advisory of the steps as they happen. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you, Jerry and Co. at MaxKeyboard!

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of your tech support people a couple of days ago. I was having issues with my NightHawk X7 turning off/on almost constantly. It was plugged into an older laptop. It was suggested that I get a USB 3.0 Hub with it's own power supply. I tried this, and it's been working great ever since. I too work in IT support, and I know from experience that nobody has ever died from too many "Atta Boy's", so I'm passing along a well deserved "Thank You!" for being there. Cheers! And Happy Holidays to all!!!
Satisfied with it. Used it as a replacement to the original G710+ keys and it's worlds better compared to them.
I have nothing to add to all the other reviews before mine, but I still have to post because not only the service but also the product is amazing.
I emailed to the support to ask if white text on white caps would be invisible and was greeted by Jerry Chan, who took me on a long journey of finding the perfect layout for me. He helped me all the way with providing and converting templates, that required the least amount of effort for me and made this all a very pleasant experience. So thanks again to you Jerry!

The caps ultimately arrived quickly, and I couldn't wait to put them on. They were a much more tight fit than the stock caps on my board, but that doesn't matter because I don't intend to ever take them off again. They feel good, the colors are nice, the writing is sharp, and everything arrived just as I ordered it. My board is now as custom as it gets, thanks to MAX-Keyboard and Jerry.

If I ever run into some other keyboard enthusiast that wants custom keycaps, I'll definitely tell him to go to this site.
Jerry helped me and he was very cooperative with me. He explained everything to me and out of every website I've been to this is the only site that didn't try and charge me over $100 for 7 custom keys. Thank you for being so awesome and helping me make this happen for my Husband.
The key caps are amazing. Honestly they're a little better then what I was expecting. The material feels great and it was simple to put on 10/10
I was not paying attention and ordered 2 sets of keys when I just needed 1. Jerry Chen (sorry if you didn't want to be name dropped) immediately responded back, very quickly to my surprise. I honestly thought it wouldn't be fixed in time, since I order my Keys to be sent in about 2 business days. Not only did Jerry fix my problem, by canceling the set of keys I didn't need. He was able to get it refunded within 24 hours. Max Keyboards, if Jerry is the type of people you are hiring, I guarantee to be sending future customers your way. Hands down the best Customer Service, I've ever dealt with. Thanks again Jerry and Max Keyboard.
First of all thank you to product support department. Because i asked about the keycaps for Turkish characters and they prepared only in one day! So I am very happy because of their interest and helpfull behavior.
Key cap set is very beautifull. Now my K70 RGB keyboard is looking amazing!
I wanted to replace the hideous stock keycaps on my QuickFire XT with white, front-print keycaps (Nordic ISO layout). It turned out that MAX Keyboard is one of the few, if not the only, company providing such service for my needs.

I contacted MAX's customer service and almost instantly I got an extremely friendly and helpful response from a guy named Jerry. Turned out that MAX does custom printing service on their blank keycaps (yes, even ISO nordic layout), so I ordered the 105-key ISO layout blank keycaps alongside the custom print service for my Swedish/Finnish layout. Even though I chose the most economic option of all international shipping methods, the package was at my doorstep exactly one week after ordering, which is quite fantastic.

I can't emphasize enough how much I like these keycaps. They feel sturdy, the printing in the front is top-notch, and they look absolutely beautiful. Even the writing experience is better than on the stocks.

Exquisite customer service, competitive price, fast order processing and shipping, and superb products - all this wraps up one of the best shopping experiences I've undergone. I will instruct everyone to look no further and choose MAX Keyboard for all their keyboard-needs!
I bought the Universal Cherry MX Translucent Clear black full set key caps (top print) for my corsair K70 RGB. I love the keys and they make the color really pop out like crazy. But the big issue I'm having is, you can't see any of the letters at night with the keyboard backlight on. It doesn't matter how low you turn it down. You can't see the letters at all, unless your face is looking on top of the keyboard and looking straight down on it from within a foot or two. I think I would have been better off with the print in the front rather then the top. Other then that one issue, these keys are perfect.
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