Just love this keyboard, feels so right to type and play now. Also the extras that came with the sale were just icing on the cake. Only downer was it shipping 3 days after the initial said date, which meant it just barely missed arriving on my birthday. only reason i docked a star.
I love the keyboard, but MaxKeyboard shipped out the keyboard 5 business days after they said they would. Furthermore, they claimed that it was because of customs, which delayed it for a day, not 5. If you want a mechanical keyboard, but poor customer service, then MaxKeyboard is for you.

MAX KEYBOARD: Thank you for your message and sorry there is been a delay on shipping your keyboard out due to custom hold up at the port. Your keyboard is a semi custom keyboard that requires further customization which is also time consuming. We have already shipped out your keyboard 2 business day after we said we would. Thank you for understanding.
11 hours since I received my package and posted an image to your twitter and I'm still wearing the shirt. It's such high quality, just like the damn keyboard. Why you so good Max Keyboard?!
K, typing on my new X8 that came today and love it!
Easily the best keyboards in existence. Solid, quiet and built like a piece of military hardware. I can imagine this keyboard lasting for a very very long time. Thank you again for all you guys did to help me out!
just got my keyboard in. Just as great as i thought it would be! thank you so much.
Simply the best!
Max Keyboard legit have the best customer service I have ever seen!.
The keyboard came in last Friday but unfortunately I was out of town and wasn't able to check it out until yesterday. It's absolutely perfect, thank you so much for assisting me in getting exactly what I envisioned. Thank you again!
I have to post my experience with Max Keyboard and their customer service. Not only did my order process immediately, I got exactly what I wanted and more. All the hype about this keyboard is absolutely legit. The keys are accurate to the touch, best experience while gaming and all the functions matched all my expectations. Thank you Max Keyboard for providing the ultimate gaming accessory! No joke. FIVE STARS!
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