MAX Falcon-8 Custom Programmable Mini Macropad Mechanical Keyboard (Assembled)

MAX FALCON-8 Custom Programmable Mini Macropad Mechanical OSU! Keyboard (Assembled)
Black Color Keycap White Color Keycap Beige Color Keycap Gray Color Keycap Graphite Color Keycap Brown Color Keycap Red Color Keycap Orange Color Keycap Yellow Color Keycap Green Color Keycap Blue Color Keycap Navy Blue Color Keycap Purple Color Keycap Black Translucent Keycap Clear Translucent Keycap
Noise & shock reduction with noticeable shorter key travel and boost in typing speed.
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MAX Falcon-8 programmable mini 8-key keyboard/keypad/Macropad. Each key allows you to reprogram and use it as a media pad, OSU! rhythm game keyboard or even dedicated shortcut keys. With our simple and easy programming app, you can now create your own macros / media keys and combination keys without any coding experience!

By default Falcon-8 is pre-programmed with the following media keys

Key 1: Mute
Key 2: Play/Pause
Key 3: Stop
Key 4: Volume up
Key 5: Media select (open default media player)
Key 6: Previous track
Key 7: Next track
Key 8: Volume down

Falcon-8 Introduction Video

Falcon-8 V2 Programming Tutorial Video

. Cherry MX / Gateron mechanical key switches
. Individual backlit keys for enhanced visuals
. Backlight setting memory
. 9 level backlight mode
. 32k on-board memory
. 6-key rollover
. Detachable USB cable

. CNC anodized aluminum metal plate
. Individual color LEDs
. 50,000,000 actuation on key switches
. Keypad dimension: approx 3.93in x 2.23in x 0.67in
. Keypad weight: approx 0.50 lbs
. Cable length: approx 3.3' foot

. Falcon-8 works on Windows, Mac or Linux.
. Available USB port

(Configurator / Programming App Loader)

. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP

. Falcon-8 mechanical keypad (assembled)
. Micro USB Cable

. Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
. Operating humidity: 0% to 60%

Keypad must be plugged into your USB host port that provide 100 mA (Milliamps) at 5 V (Volts).

. Please be advised that there will be no exchange, return or refund on customized keypad. Please make your selection and purchase with consideration for this policy. One year warranty is included.

. Color panels are for reference only. Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.

. All custom build and LEDs customization is performed in-house at our California, U.S.A center.

. Custom keypad may require additional 2-3 business processing days.

Keycap Features

Keycap Color:
  • Select from Options
  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Black Translucent
  • Clear Translucent
Keycap Material:
  • ABS
Keycap Print:
  • Blank / Non Printed

Product Features

  • USB Connection
Illuminated Backlit Colors:
  • Select from Options
Key Switch Structure:
  • Mechanical Key Switch
  • Select from Options
Product Color:
  • Gray (anodized aluminum)
Product Dimension (inch):
3.93 (L) x 2.23 (W) x 0.67 (H) inch
Special Features:
  • Backlight Setting Memory
  • On Board Memory
  • Programmable
Great bit of kit! They sent it to the UK no problems, good service, good people, astounding technology. Couldn't recommend any more.
Works as intended, but it seems like the macros are limited to only 6 key presses. I may be doing it wrong, but more documentation on how to program it properly would be nice.
Nice build quality and once it's setup it's great. The jumper is an inelegant solution -- it's a pain to get on/off, but it's required to reprogram. The case edges are sharp and could really use a pass on a grinding wheel, they often take a chunk out of my nail when removing. I'm hoping to install some kind of switch so I don't have to mess with the jumper anymore.
I've had the Falcon-8 for a few weeks now, and I've really been enjoying it! I have it setup directly to the left of my keyboard, and mainly use it for text editing. I have it setup with Cut, Copy, Paste, and Enter on the bottom row, and Italics, Bold, Paste+Match Style, and Bring up Calculator (not sure if I'll keep calc) for now. The nice thing is that I can do lots of editing this way, without having to take my hand off the mouse or fatigue my right hand by having all those buttons assigned to it instead.

The construction is solid, and I've been enjoying the Cherry MX-Blues that I put in, they make a satisfying click when depressed. I do wish that I hadn't opted for the solid black keys, as the LEDs are completely hidden, but I'll be switching them out for some custom symbol keys soon.

If you're looking for a little macro keyboard, I'd highly recommend this, with the knowledge that the programming interface is not exactly newbie-friendly, and I'd say it's for advanced users/tinkerers.
I love my Falcon-8! I ordered mine to automate some of the most common tasks at work after breaking a finger recently. They assembled mine and got it out to me incredibly fast. The build quality is very solid, and programming it was a breeze after watching their short youtube video. I couldn't be happier (unless they come out with a Falcon-12 or 16!) :D
Fantastic product! Working as advertised, looks great. Software was easy to program and upload to device. Using keyboard to launch home automation commands in Eventghost, perfect for this task.
I bought to help with dual-boxing wow. I'm too cheap and casual to sub for the pricey multi-box software, so I do a lot manually, and 6 buttons is plenty for the extra character on my other PC when questing.

I paid for assembly, which was done well. I also requested pre-programming, which they were kind enough to do for me. Due to my error in terms of lack of detailed instructions (I said I wanted numbers 1-6, they used number pad numbers), I had to go in and program it myself after all, which was super easy. So much so, in fact, that I'm happy the misunderstanding happened, as I no longer am intimidated at the thought of tinkering with settings.

This is my second purchase from Max Keyboard, I also have a BlackBird TKL. Truly a quality company with quality products!
Arrived very quickly and programming was easy. Works flawlessly and is very useful.
This is a totally awesome macro pad. Terrific build quality, great value for the cost, shipping was very fast. The initial programming process was a little tedious (but not enough to dock a star), and once you have the firmware set up it's a stylish & functional no-fuss addition to the desk. I use it with my 60% daily driver for common combinations and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.
My job required something I just could not do with a conventional keyboard. This Little Gizmo was perfect for my needs. Easy to program and it came exactly as I ordered it. Perfect product. I Highly recommend this product.
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