MAX Falcon-8 RGB Custom Programmable Mini Macropad Mechanical Keyboard (Assembled)

MAX FALCON-8 RGB Programmable mini macropad mechanical keyboard (With Media Pack Backlit Keycap)
All color keycap are blank/non printed except media pack backlit keycap
Black Color Keycap White Color Keycap Beige Color Keycap Gray Color Keycap Graphite Color Keycap Brown Color Keycap Red Color Keycap Orange Color Keycap Yellow Color Keycap Green Color Keycap Blue Color Keycap Navy Blue Color Keycap Purple Color Keycap Black Translucent Keycap Clear Translucent Keycap Media Pack Backlit Keycap
Noise & shock reduction with noticeable shorter key travel and boost in typing speed.
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MAX Falcon-8 RGB custom programmable mini 8-key keyboard/keypad/Macropad. Each key allows you to reprogram and use it as macro keypad or even dedicated shortcut keys. With our simple and easy programming app, you can now create your own macros / media keys and combination keys without any coding experience to increase your daily productivity.

NOTE: This is an assembled unit, we will install PCB, mount all the switches, solder it and put on all the keycaps.

By default, Falcon-20 RGB is pre-programmed with the following prefix keys.

Model Switch Type Actuation Force Characteristics
Cherry MX RGB Silent
Linear 45g Smooth, no tactile bump, noise reduction technology
Cherry MX RGB Speed Linear 45g Smooth, no tactile bump, 1.2 mm actuation point (+/-0.4 mm)
Cherry MX RGB Blue Tactile & Clicky 50g Tactile and clicky switch. You can feel the tactile bump and hear the "click" that occurs when the activation point is hit.
Cherry MX RGB Brown Tactile 45g Softer and lighter tactile bump, no click. The tactile point is much less pronounced.
Gateron KS Green Tactile & Clicky 80g Firm tactile and clicky switch. You can feel the tactile bump and hear the "firm click" that occurs when the activation point is hit.
Gateron KS Black Linear 60g Smooth, no tactile bump. The Gateron KS Black is a stiffer variant of the Gateron KS Red linear switch.
Gateron KS Red Linear 45g Smooth, no tactile bump. The Gateron KS Red is a stiffer variant of the Gateron KS Clear linear switch.
Gateron KS Clear Linear 35g Smooth, no tactile bump. The lightest linear switch among all
Gateron KS Blue Tactile & Clicky 60g Tactile and clicky switch. You can feel the tactile bump and hear the "click" that occurs when the activation point is hit.
Gateron KS Brown Tactile 55g Tactile bump, no click. The tactile point is much pronounced.

Introduction Video

Falcon-20 RGB Programming Tutorial Video

. Cherry MX / Gateron mechanical key switches
. Individual RGB backlit keys for enhanced visuals
. Backlight setting memory
. 8 level backlight mode
. 4mbit on-board memory
.1000Hz polling rate
. Detachable USB cable
. Dual micro USB port (portrait / landscape setup)
. Dual layer PCB
. 5 Programming layers

. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
. Available USB port

(Configurator / Programming App Loader)

. Download software at support page

. Falcon-8 RGB Macropad
. 5' (1.5M) Micro USB cable

. Anodized aluminum metal plate
. Keypad dimension: approx 3.93in x 2.63in x 0.62in
. Keypad weight: approx 0.3 lbs
. Cable length: approx 5' foot

. Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
. Operating humidity: 0% to 60%

Keypad must be plugged into your USB host port that provide 100 mA (Milliamps) at 5 V (Volts).

Keycap Features

Keycap Color:
  • Select from Options
Keycap Material:
  • ABS
Keycap Profile:
  • OEM

Product Features

  • USB Connection
Illuminated Backlit Colors:
  • Multicolor RGB LED
Key Switch Structure:
  • Mechanical Key Switch
  • Select from Options
Product Color:
  • Gray (anodized aluminum)
Product Dimension (inch):
3.93 (L) x 2.63 (W) x 0.62 (H) inch
Special Features:
  • 5 Programming layers
  • Backlight Setting Memory
  • Dual Layer PCB
  • Dual Micro USB port
  • On Board Memory
So good I bought another one, this time with Red switches.
It's a great quality product and offered more versatility than I expected. The software is intuitive and the product video on their YouTube is thorough. I purchased two: One for my brother and one for myself. I may buy more and pass them along as gifts. This is definitely worth every cent.
Works great for macros
Great product! Quick shipping and item as described. My only ask is for a USB-C version somewhere in the near future.
Awesome build quality!
Switched from a Corsair TKL to a Ducky one 2 mini recently and have really been missing the arrow and media keys, but thanks to this little miracle I got them all back. Thank you MaxKeyboard!
I originally bought this so I could play MK11 on pc without a controller and since then I found myself using it as a mini stream deck and for work with photo editing it has made everyday tasks much simpler.
Works just as intended, is easy to remap and looks pretty neat
A great little device which means I don't have to worry about not having media keys on my keyboard. The included rubber pads are great to prevent the device slipping or scratching the desk.
A brilliant little device. I use it so I've got multimedia keys even if my keyboard doesn't.
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