Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) Cherry MX Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) Cherry MX Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Cherry MX Blue / Blue LED / US Layout Cherry MX Blue / Red LED / US Layout Cherry MX Brown / Blue LED / US Layout Cherry MX Brown / Red LED / US Layout Cherry MX Brown / Blue LED / UK Layout Cherry MX Red / Blue LED / US Layout
Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

The all new design Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) is a simple, elegant and compact size backlit mechanical keyboard packed with new features such as custom backlighting mode, LED sleep mode and timer notification mode. Individual color LED on every key switches across the board. Full USB NKey rollover capability. 4 levels of LEDs brightness adjustment to suit your environment and 1 level of LEDs pulsing mode to give your keyboard a cool looking effect.

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
German Made Industrial Grade Mechanical Key Switch

Cherry MX mechanical switches are known for its tactile and audible click typing feel with exceptional durability and reliability. It operates with an actuation point of 2mm that only requires a pressure of 45 - 50g for the key to register a key stroke. Furthermore, the actuation point and release point of the switch are identical, which will facilitate speed, precision and more control in typing that will reduce finger fatigue and allow faster transition.

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Double Shot Injection Molded Key Caps

Max Keyboard Blackbird is one of the first backlit mechanical keyboard that has adopted a durable and advanced key cap molding process. Each key cap are filled with double shot injection that enriches the touch quality of matte texture. Yes, we are very pleased that each key cap were carefully created as individual molds and with the highest levels of detail, the finishing enables us to provide the richness in backlight color and best of all, keeping the characters intact on the key cap so it will never wear off. Designed in a way to provide you an experience with one of the highest quality key cap you have ever had.

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Side Panel Ambient Lighting and Convenient High Speed USB 2.0 Ports

Soft ambient lighting that creates a wonderful effect in setting the mood and enrich the aesthetic sense of the atmosphere. Meanwhile onboard USB ports lets you conveniently transfer files and photos from your thumb / flash drive at 480 Mbps high speed data transfer rate and 100mA power current on each port. Ideal for small USB mobile devices such as mouse, trackball, trackpad or joystick.

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Braided Cables & Gold Plated Connectors

Heavy duty braided cable allows extra flexibility and keep wires from getting tangled. 18K gold-electroplated connectors to minimize latency and provide reliable connection that optimizes signal quality and delivers the best transmission and data transfer.

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Comfortable Wrist Support Pad
Comfortable Wrist Rest provides maximum support to help relieve wrist discomfort and keeping your wrists in an ergonomic typing position. Rigid non-skid base keeps wrist rest firmly in place.


. Tenkeyless (80% keyboard) design
. Cherry MX mechanical key switches
. 1000 Hz ultra polling rate
. Individual backlit keys for enhanced visuals
. Backlight setting memory
. 4 level backlight modes (pulse mode on level 4)
. 3 level backlight modes on side panel ambient lighting
. Custom backlight mode (user defined)
. LED sleep mode (user defined, up to 30 minutes)
. Timer notification mode (user defined, up to 120 minutes)
. Double shot injection molded key cap
. N-key rollover (6 keys / full NKRO on USB, any combination)
. Embedded multimedia keys
. Built in 2 high-speed USB 2.0 hub (max 100mA each)
. Heavy duty braided cable with routing management
. Gold plated connectors
. Tilt legs
. Windows key disabled function
. Foam wrist pad for extra wrist comfort
. US ANSI 87 keys / UK ISO 88 keys

. Blackbird mechanical keyboard
. Wrist pad
. User guide

. 2 downstream USB 2.0 hub (max 100mA each)
. Individual LED on each key switch
. 50,000,000 actuation on key switch
. 45g-50g actuation force
. Keyboard dimension: approx 14.75in x 6.5in x 1.25in
. Keyboard weight: approx 2.4 lbs
. Cable length: approx 6 foot

. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
. Available USB port

. Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
. Operating humidity: 0% to 60%

Keyboard must be plugged into your USB host port that provide 500 mA (Milliamps) at 5 V (Volts). Each USB port on the keyboard will support up to 100 mA.

NOTE: Made in Taiwan. All keyboards does not come with o-rings pre installed. If you need o-rings installation, please purchase the following item / service
1) O-Rings rubber dampeners 0.4mm reduction
2) O-Rings Installation Service

Product Features

  • USB Connection
EAN / UPC #:
Illuminated Backlit Colors:
  • Select from Options
Key Switch Structure:
  • Mechanical Key Switch
  • Select from Options
Keyboard Size:
  • Compact Size (2 sections Tenkeyless 75%)
Multimedia Function:
  • Built in Media Keys
Product Color:
  • Black Color
Product Dimension (inch):
14.75 (L) x 6.5 (W) x 1.25 (H) inch
Special Features:
  • Backlight Setting Memory
  • Built in USB Hub (2 Ports)
  • Comfortable Wrist Pad
  • Double Shot Injection Molded Keycap
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Heavy Duty Braided Cable
  • N-Key Rollover
  • On Board Memory
  • Tilt legs
  • Windows Key Disabled in Game Mode

Awesome Keyboard! Just wish I'd gotten the clicky version.
Review of Keyboard:
Excellent build quality and the keyboard caps that come standard on the keyboard are wonderful. I did not purchase this keyboard with the wrist rest in mind, but the one supplied is also of great quality and I am now using it daily. The side lighting of the keyboard is definitely a personal preference but something that I really enjoy and makes my blue/black themed battle station really shine. If you are looking for a TenKeyLess keyboard that is top notch quality and has a bit of flair with its side lighting, this is the keyboard for you. It's really hard to say anything negative about the keyboard - the build quality feels like it is worth every penny and using the keyboard feels the same way.

Review of Customer Service:
I've spoken with Kent and Jerry about this keyboard and I have been amazed with the customer support I receive each and every time. I had worked with Kent about visiting the showroom in Fremont and not only did I receive prompt replies, but he was willing to stay late any day of the week in order to fit my schedule. I wanted to use a promotional discount but did not have the coupon code so I emailed Kent at night expecting a response the next day, but I received a reply within minutes of asking. When the specific model I was looking to buy was out of stock, Jerry went through their showroom to find a spare keyboard for me to purchase - all within an hour of asking if there may be one. This is one company that really makes you feel important as a customer, truly taking the time to address your personal concerns and have quality products to back up their quality service.

Thanks again for the keyboard, hoping the custom backlit keycaps become available soon to make another purchase from these guys!
Very impressed with the high-quality structure of the keyboard base. On top of that, the included doubleshot ABS keycaps feel really really good. I recently tried doubleshot PBT and I think I like the included keycaps more than the ones I spent more money on.

Really impressed with the LED lighting and the 4 modes. I got the blue ones and they look great.

As for the cherry MX brown switches, they feel perfectly good.

Really like that MAX included a wrist rest, and a keycap puller! A great sign of commitment towards the customer.

Love this keyboard alot. I know it will last a long time.
I purchased the Max Blackbird after doing quite a bit of research on mechanical keyboards. Some folks on the mechanical keyboard subgroup on reddit gave it high marks, and I had read good reviews on various sites. I have to say, it is exactly what I was looking for! Great quality, the MX Brown switches are awesome, the keyset looks and feels great, and the LED options are very nice.

It is a good, high quality, very attractive keyboard. I would recommend this board to anyone looking for a good tenkeyless design.
Excellent keyboard! Great service from Max. It shipped right away.
Excellent build quality with just the right amount of features. As a linux user I really appreciate that everything works out of the box with no drivers necessary. I highly recommend.
Really an incredible keyboard, especially after using cheap keyboards for years. I love the backlit keys! It was a wonderful experience going to the store and trying out all the keyboards. Looks like I'll have to buy another one for my son who keeps borrowing mine...
Very well made, I've been extremely satisfied with how the keys work and the quality of the build of the product. The bonus wrist rest is very helpful too.
This is a great keyboard for programmers. I love the clacky feel and the responsiveness. I bought two, one for home and one for work. In consideration of my coworkers, I installed the o ring dampeners on the keyboard for work.
This keyboard is great. I got the Cherry MX Brown switches and love the feel and sound. The build quality is very good using quality materials. The keycaps are quality also and let the backlight through well. I would highly recommend this keyboard.
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