Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) Cherry MX Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) Cherry MX Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Cherry MX Brown / Blue LED / US Layout

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Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

The all new design Max Keyboard Blackbird Tenkeyless (TKL) is a simple, elegant and compact size backlit mechanical keyboard packed with new features such as custom backlighting mode, LED sleep mode and timer notification mode. Individual color LED on every key switches across the board. Full USB NKey rollover capability. 4 levels of LEDs brightness adjustment to suit your environment and 1 level of LEDs pulsing mode to give your keyboard a cool looking effect.

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
German Made Industrial Grade Mechanical Key Switch

Cherry MX mechanical switches are known for its tactile and audible click typing feel with exceptional durability and reliability. It operates with an actuation point of 2mm that only requires a pressure of 45 - 50g for the key to register a key stroke. Furthermore, the actuation point and release point of the switch are identical, which will facilitate speed, precision and more control in typing that will reduce finger fatigue and allow faster transition.

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Double Shot Injection Molded Key Caps

Max Keyboard Blackbird is one of the first backlit mechanical keyboard that has adopted a durable and advanced key cap molding process. Each key cap are filled with double shot injection that enriches the touch quality of matte texture. Yes, we are very pleased that each key cap were carefully created as individual molds and with the highest levels of detail, the finishing enables us to provide the richness in backlight color and best of all, keeping the characters intact on the key cap so it will never wear off. Designed in a way to provide you an experience with one of the highest quality key cap you have ever had.

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Side Panel Ambient Lighting and Convenient High Speed USB 2.0 Ports

Soft ambient lighting that creates a wonderful effect in setting the mood and enrich the aesthetic sense of the atmosphere. Meanwhile onboard USB ports lets you conveniently transfer files and photos from your thumb / flash drive at 480 Mbps high speed data transfer rate and 100mA power current on each port. Ideal for small USB mobile devices such as mouse, trackball, trackpad or joystick.

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Braided Cables & Gold Plated Connectors

Heavy duty braided cable allows extra flexibility and keep wires from getting tangled. 18K gold-electroplated connectors to minimize latency and provide reliable connection that optimizes signal quality and delivers the best transmission and data transfer.

Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Comfortable Wrist Support Pad
Comfortable Wrist Rest provides maximum support to help relieve wrist discomfort and keeping your wrists in an ergonomic typing position. Rigid non-skid base keeps wrist rest firmly in place.


. Tenkeyless (80% keyboard) design
. Cherry MX mechanical key switches
. 1000 Hz ultra polling rate
. Individual backlit keys for enhanced visuals
. Backlight setting memory
. 4 level backlight modes (pulse mode on level 4)
. 3 level backlight modes on side panel ambient lighting
. Custom backlight mode (user defined)
. LED sleep mode (user defined, up to 30 minutes)
. Timer notification mode (user defined, up to 120 minutes)
. Double shot injection molded key cap
. N-key rollover (6 keys / full NKRO on USB, any combination)
. Embedded multimedia keys
. Built in 2 high-speed USB 2.0 hub (max 100mA each)
. Heavy duty braided cable with routing management
. Gold plated connectors
. Tilt legs
. Windows key disabled function
. Foam wrist pad for extra wrist comfort
. US ANSI 87 keys / UK ISO 88 keys

. Blackbird mechanical keyboard
. Wrist pad
. User guide

. 2 downstream USB 2.0 hub (max 100mA each)
. Individual LED on each key switch
. 50,000,000 actuation on key switch
. 45g-50g actuation force
. Keyboard dimension: approx 14.75in x 6.5in x 1.25in
. Keyboard weight: approx 2.4 lbs
. Cable length: approx 6 foot

. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
. Available USB port

. Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
. Operating humidity: 0% to 60%

Keyboard must be plugged into your USB host port that provide 500 mA (Milliamps) at 5 V (Volts). Each USB port on the keyboard will support up to 100 mA.

NOTE: Made in Taiwan. All keyboards does not come with o-rings pre installed. If you need o-rings installation, please purchase the following item / service
1) O-Rings rubber dampeners 0.4mm reduction
2) O-Rings Installation Service

Product Features

  • USB Connection
EAN / UPC #:
Illuminated Backlit Colors:
  • Select from Options
Key Switch Structure:
  • Mechanical Key Switch
  • Select from Options
Keyboard Size:
  • Compact Size (2 sections Tenkeyless 75%)
Multimedia Function:
  • Built in Media Keys
Product Color:
  • Black Color
Product Dimension (inch):
14.75 (L) x 6.5 (W) x 1.25 (H) inch
Special Features:
  • Backlight Setting Memory
  • Built in USB Hub (2 Ports)
  • Comfortable Wrist Pad
  • Double Shot Injection Molded Keycap
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Heavy Duty Braided Cable
  • N-Key Rollover
  • On Board Memory
  • Tilt legs
  • Windows Key Disabled in Game Mode

Hi guys! Just wanted to drop you a quick line to praise the Blackbird. I'm a developer and aspiring writer, so a comfortable and reliable keyboard is (you should pardon the expression) key to my health and happiness.

I'm typing this on a red back-lit Blackbird with Browns, and my fingers couldn't be much happier! I don't know for sure how you managed to make the Cherry stabilizers on the wide keys so smooth and responsive, but you have done. Aesthetics is secondary to me, but it doesn't hurt that the Blackbird is -- like the legendary aircraft that shares its name -- sexy as hell.

I've been singing the Blackbird's praises wherever and whenever I get the chance (Amazon, reddit, etc.), but, sadly, there is one tragic flaw I have to warn folks about every time: the unfortunate location of the key lock LEDs.

Unless I'm hunched over the keyboard, all three are completely obscured by the navigation cluster. One way to fix the issue would be to place them south of the navigation cluster. Two other options that I think would look even better would be smaller LEDs placed in the right hand bump out at the top of the keyboard above the scroll lock and pause keys, or placing the lock indicators in the associated keys themselves (Caps Lock, ScrLk, and F12), similar to the implementation CoolerMaster used in their QuickFire Rapid (though not as blindingly bright, please!).

Anyway, since the only other improvement I can think of would be for the backlight sleep timer to work more like a screen saver (i.e., after a timeout, LEDs go dark, but typing brings them back on to the previously set light level), I'll continue to recommend the Blackbird to everyone I come across looking for a top quality tenkeyless keyboard. I'll be buying a second Blackbird for myself, as well - this one has replace a QuickFire XT at work, and I'm in the process of building out a new desktop for my home office. Were it not for the keylock LED issue, I'd already have purchased a second one. I've looked at every other TKL on the market, though, and none other looks to beat the Blackbird, so, unless something new crops up in the next month, you'll be racking up another red LED/brown switch Blackbird sale soon!

Please pass on my complements to the designers, and keep up the great work!
I recently bought a Blackbird Tenkeyless keyboard with Cherry Brown switches and blue backlighting. I really love this keyboard and typing on it is a great experience. Build quality is also really high. I would definitely recommend it.
Great Gaming Keyboard
My first mechanical keyboard and I love it. Quality craftsmanship and just the right size for my gaming area. I researched keyboards for awhile before I found this one. No regrets. Only minor issue was that I needed to purchase a powered usb hub due to this drawing too many volts from the usb ports on tower. They're standard 2.0 ports, but didn't provide the 5 volts specified on the box. After doing that, there have been no issues and I enjoy typing and playing on it. I don't miss the number pad, as it isn't used in my gaming, and I didn't need macro keys. If you do, look elsewhere. Otherwise, a great purchase that will take care of my gaming needs for a long time. Very happy customer.
Best Tenkeyless for the Price, Hands Down
I've used quite a few different keyboards over the years:

- The old, reliable IBM Model M with buckling springs (key press force is too high for my aging fingers now)
- A selection of scissors switch keyboards of varying quality (none quite match my ThinkPads, and fall far short of a mechanical)
- The Microsoft Natural 4000 (comfy, but horrible key feel and annoying function key layout)
- Several Cherry based mechanical keyboards (most recently, the CoolerMaster Quickfire XT)

And, of course, the usual horrible, bog standard OEM membrane keyboards, of which the less said, the better.

Max has hit a near home run with the Blackbird.

Among the good points:

+ The design is clean and the build quality is superb.
+ The keys (Cherry MX Brown) are well mounted.
+ The back-lighting is well implemented.
+ The key caps have wonderful feel, and look good lit or unlit.

There really aren't any major bad points, though I can pick a few nits.

- The lock indicator lights are horribly placed. This is the only
significant strike against the Blackbird. When seated normally,
I simply cannot see the lights at all. Max should move them
down under the navigation cluster, or, even better, use
windowed key caps similar to the Cooler Master QuickFire
- The back light sleep mode doesn't wake back up on key press.
In other words, it works less like your laptop's sleep mode, and
more like a TV sleep timer. I have no use for the latter, but would
love the back-lights to turn off after some period of inactivity.

There's one other thing -- call it an avoided con, if you will:

=The Blackbird uses Cherry stabilizers on the wide keys. I typically
prefer the Costar stabilizers (small wires) over the Cherry (plastic
posts), as the latter tend to be far less smooth. Amazingly enough,
Max has managed to avoid that problem. I don't know if it's due to
their custom molded key caps, but the Blackbird's wide keys are
every bit as smooth as any Costar stabilized keyboard I've used
(e.g., the CoolerMaster QuickFire XT). They're perhaps a bit softer,
but not enough so to notice in use.

It's too early to tell if the Blackbird will have back light reliability issues
or not. I know that some other Cherry MX based keyboards with
individual key lighting have had issues, but I don't know if that's down
to the key switch lights themselves, or the driver circuits in the keyboard.
Here's hoping! Given the obvious care Max has put into this keyboard,
I have high hopes that the Blackbird will be plenty reliable.

I highly recommend the Blackbird if you're looking for a tenkeyless keyboard.
If you prefer a full size keyboard, it's likely that their other models would
be a good bet, though I haven't used them myself (I *do* recommend the
CM QuickFire XT, if you want an unlit, full size keyboard).
Good Keyboard
I would strongly suggest this keyboard to anyone who is looking for a compact tenkeyless. I was between this keyboard and a ducky tenkeyless, and went with this one due to the overall better build and design.
Awesome function-built keyboard
As the other reviews have said, the keyboard is still on my desk after testing it. It's a solid keyboard with top-line switches and PCB board. The keys just feel right (I opted for the MX Browns) and the keyboard's no gimmick's attitude is well-received. The lack of the numpad is a PLUS. I don't use it and want my mouse closer when I have limited desk space. If the numpad is a neccesary for work, the top has two downstream USB ports where you can plug one in and put it wherever you want.

The versatility and construction of this board is what drew me in and it's a board I'll use for years to come.
Solid Solid Solid
As soon as I took this keyboard out of the box I knew I was going to love it. It weighs a lot, is totally rigid and the solid mech keys just beg to be pushed as fast as possible. I did a lot of research after getting a crappy flimsy plastic gaming keyboard that I had to return. Not wanting to repeat that experience I looked around until I found what looked like the best backlit keyboard available - this was the result. Now that I have it (and have for two weeks) I have to say that I have no doubt this is the highest quality keyboard available - it just couldn't be any better. As far as the tenkeyless layout is concerned - I don't miss the number pad at all, and just as you'd expect, it makes using a mouse while gaming much more comfortable. Thanks Max Keyboard!!! You guys rock hard. Oh also - please design an ergonomic backlit keyboard like the Blackbird - only V shaped. :D That'd be awesome to own in 30 years when this one finally stops working. What am I saying, by the time this keyboard breaks I'm gonna be thinking to my computer. :D
This keyboard screams quality. It must weigh about 4-5 lbs. This thing looks amazing, and I love the TKL (75% keyboard) form factor. I was looking for just that and it really helps make switching to the mouse much less strenuous. I can buy a wireless/wired numpad and put it to the right of my mouse if I want to.

I recently built a $900 gaming pc (haven't had one in awhile even, was getting by on a laptop for mediocre gaming), bought a new 23" monitor... but this keyboard was the only thing I really was truly anticipating. In fact, I enjoy it more than the gaming rig I built. I use it for work (programmer, linux, keyboard > mouse kind of guy now) and as for gaming I wouldn't be able to tell the difference (WASD is just button mashing for me, whereas typing is way more coordinated and really benefits from a great keyboard).

I refuse to use any other keyboard.. although if I had to work in an office close to other people I may not get away with the noise this makes, even when not bottoming out keys. I would go with a standard $10 Microsoft keyboard in that case, as those are actually really good keyboards.

-It looks awesome.
-It is a real pleasure to type on and use everyday.
-Amazing LEDs. Perfect for the most part (minus the space key).
-Not the right person to review it as a mechanical keyboard, but I can say that having owned some other keyboards it is leagues ahead of them.
-NO drivers software. All the software is in the keyboard (programming the individual LED keys, setting LED brightness, etc)
-The features are mostly no-nonsense/non-gimmicky.
-Comes with an awesome hand-rest. I like that. I wouldn't have thought to buy one, and I wouldn't have known where/what kind was good. It makes sense if someone is going to buy a $140 keyboard to go that extra few feet in completing the experience.
-Each key's LED can be programmed on/off. Not used often (since it is hard to read them without the LED on). I use this feature only as a reminder to which keys are available (eg: if I watch movies I turn all off except for F1-F3 which are media keys for volume up/down).

-I dislike the left/right sides of the keyboard. With LED turned on or off. It just looks a bit gimmicky. It's so close to having an awesome (perfect,amazing) design. It gives it kind of a weird gaming/sci-fi design instead of the awesome classic-yet-modern/hacker look.
-Not sure what the point of dedicated "windows key disable function" is for (it replaced numlock indicator). Never use it (why would I need to disable a key I never mistakenly press?)
-Keys are black on gray text. I only find them to be adequately readable with the LED on. As a result I tend not to program individual keys much.
-Hard to see Caps/screen indicators as they are behind [Insert][Home][PgUp] and mostly covered. They are the same red LEDs (good) so they don't stick out even if they are partially showing. I have to look up and over the keys to check if they are on/off.
-Space only has 1 LED in the middle. The key that comes with it has a long/narrow translucent strip that is only lit in the middle by 50% (25% not lit on the left and right sides) which seems weird.

I suspect this keyboard will last awhile and look the same for awhile. In a few months, I will update this review with details about its wear (if any).
Good Fit On My Desk!
I'm a computer gamer. It's what I do in my free time. I'm not especially good at it, but I have fun. Part of having fun is being as comfortable as possible while playing the long hours that I do. In order to be comfortable, I use a special keyboard tray that I can adjust to sit where my shoulders and neck won't get sore. On the tray I have a gamepad on the left, a keyboard in the center, and a gaming mouse with a large slick mouse pad on the right. Even with a large tray, there is very little room for a full-sized keyboard. Unfortunately with my large hands, smaller keys simply will not work. That's where a tenkeyless comes in. This keyboard fits great and gets rid of a part of the keyboard that I only rarely used. I also have my computer in my basement. I tend to play with the lights out, so a backlit keyboard is a necessity. The keys on this keyboard are all very will lit and are easy to see. The feel of the Brown Cherry MX keys are similar to other basic keyboards without the loud clicking of the mechanical keys. The overall feel of this keyboard is very good. It feels solid and very well built. The only thing that I don't care for are the looks of some of the lettering. I don't know if it was an attempt to be different or what, but the rounded letters and numbers are just weird. The zero and the O are (). The D is |). The B is |3. I'll get used to it, but I don't really want l33t on my keyboard.
This keyboard is amazing!
I bought this keyboard directly from the Max Keyboard online store along with some keycap sets they sell on the site. After about a month of use, I can say it's one of the best investments I have made for my pc.

Cherry MX Browns feel nice and tactile without being too loud
Board is heavy and sturdy; doesn't move around while gaming
Backlight is nice and brightness/lighted keys can be adjusted
Included wristwrest is a nice touch, as I usually buy one separately
Included USB hub (2 ports) is very handy

Cable is a little shorter than I would like, but not restrictive

All in all, this is a very solidly built keyboard that seems like it will last me a long time. As someone who has owned many keyboards that all fall a bit short of perfect, I am immensely satisfied with my purchase. If you are considering this board, go for it. While you're at it, go to Max Keyboard's site and order yourself some keycaps to give it a touch of personality!
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