Max Keyboard Keycap, Cherry MX Switch, O-Ring Sampler Tester Kit

Max Keyboard Keycap, Cherry MX Switch, O-Ring Sampler Tester Kit
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Can't decide which Cherry MX switch to type on? Purchase our Max Keyboard premium Cherry MX switch sampler kit and decide which switch fits you better. Our kit is designed to simulate the actual typing feeling on a real cherry mx switch mechanical keyboard by mounting all the actual switches on a PCB!

Includes 4 clear keycaps, Cherry MX switch types, and sound dampening o-rings.

Each sampler kit are mounted on actual PCB board and includes :
* R3/B 1x1 translucent clear keycaps (Qty: 4)
* Cherry MX switch types (Qty:4) [Cherry MX Red(1), MX Black(1), MX Blue(1), MX Brown(1)]
* Sound dampening rubber o-ring (Qty: 4)

Model Switch Type Actuation Force Characteristics
Cherry MX Red Linear 45g Smooth, no tactile bump. The Cherry MX Red is a lighter variant of the Cherry MX Black linear switch.
Cherry MX Black Linear 60g Smooth, no tactile bump, The Cherry MX Black is a stiffer variant of the Cherry MX Red linear switch.
Cherry MX Blue Tactile & Clicky 50g Tactile and clicky switch. You can feel the tactile bump and hear the "click" that occurs when the activation point is hit.
Cherry MX Brown Tactile 45g Softer and lighter tactile bump, no click. The tactile point is much less pronounced.

This demo did an admirable job of showcasing the four common Cherry MX switches. After installing the bumpers I have decided that they are a mandatory upgrade to an already good switch, I will be buying the thickest available. The demo comes with a convenient hole in one end, that I have used to convert the demo into a necklace that I am wearing around the office in an effort to convince my bosses to buy my department max keyboards. Co workers also find it attractive, and visit my desk often to play with the switches. If you are considering investing in a mechanical keyboard, but aren't sure which switches are for you I would not hesitate to recommend you follow the recommendations of the other reviewers here and pick one of these up.
During Checkout it said that shipping would take around 14-28 days. But to my surprise it arrived in less than a week :D
A bit pricey, but exactly as advertised. Helped me make my decision between key types without leaving my house. I payed 9.99 + ~5.00 shipping for this, if you can get it for a similar or lesser price I'd say it's worth the money.
I was in the market for my first mech kb and got this to get a feel for what I was looking for. I found a slightly cheaper version on amazon and given that my prime membership takes the shipping off, it meant that I overpaid slightly. I gave this 5 stars because when I mentioned it to Maxkeyboard support, they shipped me a keycap remover.

The product it self is great, shows you the switches and how they feel.
Product is exactly as advertised. If you plan on spending the money upgrading keyboard keys, and don't know how the different switches feel, pay the $ and get one of these first.
I've been interested in mechanical keyboards for a while but never knew which switches to pick. This product provides an inexpensive way to experience the feel of each switch--with or without dampeners.
Amazing set of key samples. It helped me confirm that I did want the brown ones over the others. The price is very reasonable though I realized after US Canadian exchange rate isn't very good for me so I couldn't buy an actual keyboard from Maxkeyboard.

Highly recommend for people who haven't used a mechanical keyboard before.
I always wanted to experience the feel of each of the Cherry MX switches, especially before making a decision of which keyboard to buy, and for that very reason I HIGHLY recommend that anyone in the same situation do the same and purchase this product.

You can clearly feel and hear the difference between each switch making it a lot easier for you to decide which one will suite your needs and preference the best.
Nice and simple. My Choice = Blue with o-ring
Before purchasing a keyboard with any of these Cherry MX switches, you should purchase this. It will give you confidence in knowing for sure that the Cherry MX switch you think is right is the one you really want.
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