6.5x Spacebar Cherry MX Keycap (1x6.5)

6.5x Spacebar Cherry MX Keycap (1x6.5)
Black Color Keycap Graphite Color Keycap Gray Color Keycap Beige Color Keycap White Color Keycap Red Color Keycap Pink Color Keycap Orange Color Keycap Yellow Color Keycap Brown Color Keycap Olive Color Keycap Woodland Color Keycap Green Color Keycap Mint Color Keycap Navy Blue Color Keycap Royal Blue Color Keycap Blue Color Keycap Purple Color Keycap Purple Color Keycap Black Translucent Keycap Clear Translucent Keycap

Single Cherry MX key - 6.5x Spacebar.

. Fit Cherry MX / Kailh / Gateron / Razer mechanical switch
. Fit Corsair vengeance K65 / K70 / K95 / K70/95 RGB, STRAFE RGB and Logitech G710+ / G710
. Stealth blank spacebar without any print
. ABS Material (color keycap)
. Polycarbonate Material (translucent keycap)

Each order is for one (1) spacebar keycap. Please select desired color.
Color & translucent spacebar are not completely opaque when using on a keyboard with backlighting.
Metal stabilizer bar and plastic holder/clip are not included and sold separately.

*Please refer to the following key placement diagram. Green color key represents 6.0x / 6.25x / 6.5x Spacebar.

Max Keyboard Black Translucent Spacebar Cherry MX Keycap (1x6.0/6.25/6.5)

*** If you are not sure which keyboard layout and keycap size to choose, CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***

I mean come on corsair. A sandpaper space bar that is custom size and then a 50 dollar set of replacement keycaps. you make good boards, but that abomination. I 'm sure some like it, but a lot don't. It's just so stupid IMO.

this space bar while not PBT (max please please help a brother out) it's fine. Ok, it's pretty good. As others have said could be thicker, but really it's ok. I's certainly better than the original.
I was not sure exactly what size space bar I needed because I had a unconventional size keyboard. I reached out to the customer service and they told me the exact keyboard spacebar size that I needed even down to the color I was looking for. Now I have never been on this site prior to this. I was very astonished at how nice everyone was and how painless the process was. It was a perfect fit and exactly the right size. I highly recommend them. The only minor gripe I had which honestly has nothing to do the functionality is they did not have a PBT Doubleshot version of this spacebar. However I am really happy with with how well this went with the ascetics and theme of my build. The crazy thing is I completely forgot about this purchase even though it's the very keyboard I am using right now. I would recommend talking with the support if you are not 100% sure the size. That was really lead me to make my purchase.
Bought 3 different colors for my Corsair K65 and they are all great.
Spacebar is a perfect fit for my K70. Tried black, translucent clear, and translucent black. Both blacks look OK, I preferred the (mostly) opaque black the best. I wish the clear was more frosted, as the features/printed part number on its underside show through very prominently, especially when backlit. Clear is very much an accurate label for it. I'd love a smooth, opaque black bar with a little translucent strip in the middle (i.e. the K70 bar minus the texture).
Fits my Corsair K70 perfectly but was a little disappointed by the cheap(er) plastic compared to the original Corsair plastic. Because of the red LED back-light, I can now see through this space bar (which was not possible with the original).
The color is spot on
all as expected, good service
One of the only places i can find the 6.5 spacebar
Amazing spacebar which a nice feel. Fits perfectly in the Corsair K70.
I purchased the space bar in plain black to replace the very uncomfortable textured one on my new Corsair keyboard. (Textured! Who makes a space bar textured? Ouch!) While of course I'd have loved to have that same little light window so it showed my custom light display like the other keys, I'm in no way unhappy with my purchase and definitely recommend the product. It fits perfectly, works well, and resolves my issue by being comfortable to use. I'm so glad to have found this product!
I bought this to replace the textured space bar on my steel series mechanical keyboard. This is not a perfect replacement as its thin and lighter, but it is good quality and fit nicely. I have no complaints but be sure that you are comfortable with a different thickness before buying.
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