Cherry MX Keycap Stabilizer Insert (4 pcs)

Cherry MX Keycap Stabilizer Insert (4 pcs)
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Use on longer Cherry MX keycap for attachment of metal wire stabilizer.

Solid construction, and does what it should.
Broke one that the keyboard came with while gaming, and this was the perfect replacement. These are actually somewhat sturdier. The spacebar was a little sticky at first, but with a bit of use, it's good as new. You can't even tell it was ever busted in the first place.
Exactly what I needed, fast delivery and a great service ! Keep it up ! ;)
they aren't the wrong size and appear not to be made of anything radioactive so I guess that's a plus

of course I found my missing insert right as I was installing the new one, but that's just my life
Arrived swiftly in Denmark, thanks for that! The product itself snaps into any MX key and stays there. No glue or plastic wrap was needed.
Fit perfectly and was delivered fast.
Fantastic product. Popped it right on in and my space key was fixed! It was a little stiff at first but this is a good thing as after a little bit of use it became extremely comfortable and I know it will last.

Thank you so much for offering this!!!!! I didn't have to buy a new 120 dollar keyboard because 1 key was broken!
Thank you so much for offering this! I had some trouble finding your site or anyone that offered this, I will and have recommended your site to others. I’m very happy I was able to fix my keyboard.

Designed and works as advertised. No complaints.
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