Cherry MX Keycap Stabilizer Insert (4 pcs)

Cherry MX Keycap Stabilizer Insert (4 pcs)
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Use on longer Cherry MX keycap for attachment of metal wire stabilizer.

These are great. I realized I needed these while changing out the original caps on a DAS keyboard. First I tried moving the original stabilizer inserts to the new caps, but a few of them would not come out easily and I could foresee stuck inserts with broken heads, so I stopped and ordered these. These inserts appear to be stronger than the originals from Das. Much better.
This is is exactly what I needed and one of the few places to get it. The shipping was fast and the item was nicely packaged. I can't ask for any more than that.
exactly what i needed
Excellent product! They even incuded 1 more (5 pcs total) in the package! Thanks guys!
I'm in New Zealand, and the package came through fast. The packaging was excellent. Good price, easy ordering, fast delivery, what more can I say?
Worked like a charm. No issues at all. Great product!
Correct Product, fast shipping, incredible price. Other sites I'd been to had the same price but wanted $12 for shipping. I am quite happy with my purchase from maxkeyboard
Great product. Would have got 5 stars if delivered faster.
Worked perfectly. Even better than the stabs that came with the board.
Ordered new keycaps not realizing they didn't come with stab inserts.... Couldn't use the old one because they were glued on.... These worked perfectly, fit snugly, no gluing required.
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