Cherry MX Switch Keycap O-Rings Dampeners 50A (0.4mm 130 pcs)

Max Keyboard Cherry MX Switch Keycap Rubber O-Rings Dampeners 50A (0.4mm Reduction 130 pcs)
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What is rubber O-Ring? Do I need it?
"Bottoming out or down" is a term used to describe when a key stroke is pressed all the way down where the stem of the switch hits the inside of the switch casing. This causes a "clack" noise. Max Keyboard custom o-rings rubber sound dampeners are soft rubber o-rings that can be installed onto every single keycap stem to cushion the landing of the switch by stopping the key stroke just short of the point of bottoming out. This also very slightly reduces the max travel distance of the switch. (approximately 0.4mm reduction on your key travel which will give you an extra boost on typing speed.)

This add-on is popular among mechanical keyboard owners from around the world. Since most people will bottom out at least a fraction of their keystrokes, the o-ring rubber sound dampeners will cut away extra noise giving your mechanical keyboard a consistent sound output while typing. The added shock absorption can also help with finger fatigue during long typing sessions.

Made of industrial grade rubber which has much better resistant to cracking an fits firmly onto the stem of your Cherry MX keycap. Installation will require removal of your keycaps.

Model Hardness Travel Reduction Characteristics
50A-ORING 50A 0.4mm Noise & shock reduction with noticeable shorter key travel and boost in typing speed. (130 pcs o-rings per bag).
* Please do not get confused with other brand rubber o-rings comparing "40A-R" &"50A-R" . Ours are "50A" formulated and manufactured in Taiwan. (Please purchase from us or our authorized dealers)

NOTE: If you are planning on purchasing keyboard from us, let us install it for you as it will get tricky when it comes to bigger keys with metal wire stabilizer bar underneath. (O-Rings Installation fees is $20.00 per keyboard <Order it here>)

Cherry MX Blue O-Rings Sound and Typing Speed Comparison
0:08 Durandal G1N Cherry MX Blue Switch, No O-Ring (Typing Speed: 92 WPM)
1:11 Durandal G1NL Full Custom with Cherry MX Blue Switch, 50-A O-Rings Dampener installed (Typing Speed: 107 WPM)


Cherry MX Brown O-Rings Sound and Typing Speed Comparison
0:08 Durandal G1N Cherry MX Brown Switch, No O-Ring (Typing Speed: 98 WPM)
1:01 Durandal G1NL Full Custom with Cherry MX Brown Switch, 50-A O-Rings Dampener installed (Typing Speed: 109 WPM)

Cherry MX Red O-Rings Sound and Typing Speed Comparison
0:09 Nighthawk X9 Cherry MX Red Switch, No O-Ring (Typing Speed: 90 WPM)
1:10 Nighthawk X9 Full Custom with Cherry MX Red Switch, 50-A O-Rings Dampener installed (Typing Speed: 103 WPM)


The following video demonstrates the sound differences of Max Keyboard Nighthawk mechanical keyboards using Cherry MX Blue, Brown, and Red key switches with and without rubber sound dampening O-rings. (50A O-Rings were used)

Cherry MX Blue 0:03
This switch has a tactile feel and audible click when a key stroke is registered.

Cherry MX Brown 0:49
This switch has a soft tactile feel. When the switch registers, you will feel a soft bump.

Cherry MX Red1:50
This switch is completely linear. The soft feeling of the switch is smooth all the way down


Good upgrade for many, but not necessarily for everyone. I very much like the overall feel of Cherry MX Brown switches, but I'm always looking for optimizations, as I'm at the keyboard for at least 9 or 10 hours a day.

These O-Rings certainly softened the "clack" of Browns -- the sound made when I occasionally bottom out the keys.

They also make the shock of bottoming out a bit less. That, combined with the slight reduction in stroke length, does seem to increase my typing speed a bit when I'm too stressed to keep my keystrokes short enough to avoid impact.

Unfortunately, that same reduction in stroke length seems to have increased how often I bottom, resulting in more shock overall.

I'm trading off between two identical Max Blackbirds, one with these rings, one without, to see if there's really a perceptible difference. If so, I'll likely try the softer rings next.

If your primary concern is to reduce the "clack" without ruining the feel of your keyboard, and you have no hand pain, these are probably perfect for you.
Excellent tuning for mechanical keys. I am using these with Cherry MX brown switches on both a MAX Keyboard and a DAS Keyboard. Excellent tuning, turns noise down and softens the bottom. Takes a moment to install though.
Totally not worth $15 for some small a$$ rubber O rings ... but they did the job.
Aside from sound damping, typing is kind of easier since the keys motion is shorter now.
The rings work well to dampen the noise of the keys if you press down entirely so that the key touches the keyboard, but other than that they do a decent job. They made my Cherry MX Blue keys a bit quieter so it wasn't like I was mashing my keys whenever I typed.
Awesome. WAYYY overpriced. I probly could have found the same thing at the home #####..... BUT, it works. Like a charm.
these thing are great, works like it so pose too. less clacking on my keys. I used them on my Corsair Vengeance K70 red switch keyboard.
Definitely made my keyboard quieter. It made my Cherry MX red keyboard as quiet as the standard Dell keyboard, which is acceptable for a work environment. The amount of cushion it adds to the bottoming out of the keys is pretty good and makes the keyboard feel higher quality.
I have a Nighthawk X7 and bought these after about a week or two of typing without the O-rings. These babies are a serious must. It takes out that bottoming-out sound without degrading the feeling of the keyboard and, in my case, not degrading the intended clicky noise of the Cherry MX Blue switches. I can't imagine typing without these on my keyboard anymore.
Put these on my keyboard and wa la, the keys don't bottom out like they used to, much less noise typing.
This is pretty much a necessity for anybody who wants the tactility of the Cherry MX Blues without the noise. These O-rings make the sound of the Cherry MX Blues much more bearable for others in the room without degrading the feeling of the keyboard. I get the tactility without the clack of the bottoming out!
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