Counter Strike CS:GO custom backlight keycaps

Example: Counter Strike CS:GO custom backlight keycaps
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Now you can order your own personalized and customized Cherry MX Counter Strike CS:GO custom backlight keycaps.

A) Select keycap icon you wish to order
B) Select keycap size
C) Select keycap color
D) Add to cart

. Custom keys may require additional 2-3 business processing days.
. Each custom key is $5.00/unit

*** CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***

Look the part also the design is translucent so that my keyboard lights up the keycaps which was an unexpected surprise.
Product is great, keycaps had great design, and still felt good. Used this with my white RK61. So nice to look at and gives me that little personal note of my 'gaming' nature. The packaging came in well with no damage - I mean it is a just keycaps so. They keys did not affect me at all with my Cherry MX Red switches which was great for my typing experience (bearing in mind I used the keys 1 and 3 for my keycaps).

Just a SLIGHT discoloration, it is barely noticeable, however the white variant is a little bit more shaded, just ever so slightly.

Aside from that, the keycaps could have been more transparent for the designs with the AWP and Karambit (those are the only two that I purchased, unsure about the rest).

An honest rating is a 4.5/5 as it still is a custom keycap which functions as it should, and give that little personalization feel. I bring this to work now to show off to my co-workers haha.

Will definitely buy more in the future!
Very nice, good quality, great detail, perfect compatibility.
Not actually a big CS fan, but I really like P90s from their appearance in one of my favorite scifi series. Thanks for inadvertently helping me salute Stargate on my keyboard.
Good fit and install ezpz as can be. No issues with rubbing off so far either
Great quality keys, they fit my keyboard perfectly. Fast delivery to the UK too
perfect, high quality, no problem with the order, product arrived in time
Bought 5 keycaps on Nov 29th for my son for Christmas. Arrived (Canada) exactly as expected, well before Christmas. My son installed easily and is very happy with them.
Arrived earlier than expected.

Order from the UK thought it would take a few weeks but was pleasantly surprised. Ordered 13 keys would love to write review for each one but I am lazy so if someone from Max Keyboard fancy just duplicating it you have my permission to do so! Thanks for the great service
Easy purchasing, fast delivery (from usa to germany about 10 days, which is fast) & good quality keycaps!
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