Custom Backlight Compatible Keycap for backlit keyboard

Example: Max Keyboard Custom Backlight Compatible Keycap for backlit keyboard
Optional Front Side Print
Image must be in Black and White. Black color will be the shine through area. File should be at least 300px resolution. Vector graphics preferred. (max file size 2mb. Allowed file: ai, eps, svg, jpg, gif, bmp, tif, tiff, psd, png, zip)
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Our quantity discounts:
Quantity 10+ 50+ 100+
Price US$8.50 US$7.50 US$6.00

Now you can order your own personalized and customized backlight compatible Cherry MX keycaps.

1) Select the size of the keycap you wish to order
2) Select keycap colors. (6.25 / 6.5 spacebar only available in black color)
3) Upload graphic (all submitted images must be in black and white color (No gradient / No Greyscale image). Black color will be the shine through / transparent area. See image guidelines above)
4) For the best results, we suggest vector graphics in AI / SVG file. (Download template file here)
5) Your image must have a minimum of 300px resolution. The higher the resolution the better we can work with. It's better to have more pixels than not enough!
6) Please use the comment box field to specify how you want your graphic to be aligned and approximately how large you want your graphic to be printed. If you do not specify, we will print them centered/centered and size them accordingly.

. ABS Keycap, OEM profile
. Different artworks, keycap sizes, and colors will not qualify for combined quantity discounts.
. Custom keys may require 3-5 business days to process.
. Example: Each 1u size key is $10.00, 10+ keys @$8.50/each with the same artwork, key size, and key profile.

*** CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***

Bought two custom backlit keys which turned out awesome. Images were crisp, positioned and sized exactly as requested. Would definitely recommend these as they look great, are well priced and shipped fast.
Took a while to be delivered (Around a week or two) but it was way worth it in the end. Mine has Tux the Linux penguin.
Quality keycap. And I LOVE the fact that the custom Tux Linux is available. I'm going to refer all my fellow Linux lovers with mechanical keyboards to this site.
Key cap came undamaged, in bubblewrap. Print was great!
Only downside is that it mails via USPS and it took 3 week+ to get here (Singapore) from date of purchase :( Other than that, girlfriend was happy with the gift!
At this point I've ordered(counting on my keyboard) 15 custom keys from this site and never has a single one had an issue. Now, after 4 years of having some of them, the corner of one key has chipped down to the transparent layer in one tiny spot. If 4 years of use only produces the tiniest defect(and it's one of the most used keys on the board) I think I can safely say these things are high quality.
Exactly as advertised, good quality.
Exactly what I wanted.
Hands down the best custom work I've ever seen for keycaps. I could not stress it enough that these are hands down the best custom keycaps you will see from anyone. I am currently replacing all of my keys on my k95 to be inspired by the halo franchise and I will tell you these guys really knocked it out of the park each time I've ordered. I look forward to ordering from them again. plus their shipping is extremely fast for custom work, but they don't cut corners when it comes to creating a top quality product.
I ordered a custom back-lit keycap and they were perfect. Yes, you read that right. I ordered one keycap, but in the notes I asked for the image to be smaller and above center as to line up with the LED. Instead of just doing that, they sent me both options; full sized and centered, and smaller above center! That's great service. I've also come to find I actually prefer the full size one, so I'm really glad they gave me the option. I'll will certainly be ordering more in the future.
Quick and easy. Just send them your image and it is as easy as that. Will definitely order again!
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