Custom Kinesis Freestyle Edge Mac Modifier backlight keycaps

Example: Kinesis Freestyle Edge Custom Mac Modifier keys
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Order your own Kinesis Freestyle Edge personalized and customized Mac Modifier backlight keycaps.

Each set comes with 4 pcs R1 profile custom keycap (R1 1u, R1 1.25, R1 1.25, R1 1.75)

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. These keys are made to order
. R1/B OEM key profile.
. Custom keys may require additional 2-3 business processing days.

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I chose option D. Fit right and look great. I have the Gen 1 Kinesis gaming keyboard and the keys look a little weird because the OEM keys have bright white labeling, and these are glow-through so they're a bit different. But I like them and they're great!
Very happy with the quality. It's on par with the rest of my keyboard and feels like it came with it.
I went with "Option D" so that I didn't have to worry about matching fonts to the rest of the keys. I'm very pleased with how the keys look and work. No problems so far in the first couple of weeks of use. If you're going to buy these, remember to buy the key-cap puller ring thing as well. Otherwise I don't know how you'd get the old keycaps off...
Annoyed that Kinesis does not provide Mac modifier keys with their Edge but very pleased that Max makes these; the quality is good and they blend right in with the Edge keyset.
I was SO STOKED to find these keycaps here! It's definitely a niche product, but I've been using Kinesis Freestyles for a decade with Macs and the awesome new Edge keyboards are... awesome! Yet Kinesis cannot be bothered to make Mac keys to ship with the Edge - thankfully Max Keyboard came to the rescue! I got option B and they look STOCK on my board. *kisses fingers and points at MaxKeyboard*
Fits right in on my Kinesis Freestyle Edge and looks like they came as original equipment. I’m very pleased with the quality of the materials and graphics.
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