Custom Mac Modifier backlight keycaps

Example: Mac Modifier keys for 6.0x spacebar bottom row
6.0x Unit Spacebar 6.25x Unit Spacebar 6.5x Unit Spacebar

Now you can order your own personalized and customized Mac Modifier key compatible with Cherry MX keycaps.

Each set comes with 4pc custom keycaps

A) Select your bottom row
B) Select your design (A - F)
C) Select keycap color
D) Add to cart

. ABS material, OEM profile.
. This is a custom made to order product.
. Custom keys may require 3 - 5 business days to process.

*** CLICK HERE to view the mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***

Perfect fit for my K70 with Option E, 6.5x. Looks dead on like the original keys!
Picked up option E for my Logitech G710+ and its a really nice match. I use my G710 with my Mac now, so it's nice to have the matching keys.
I got myself the variant D keycaps to Mac-ify my KinesisGaming Edge keyboard. They fit perfectly (including backlighting) and I finally won't get confused by the misplaced original "Alt" key anymore. I love them!
I bought Option E custom keys a few weeks back and have loved them ever since they arrived. The quality of the product is amazing and really match the current keys on my Corsair K70 RGB. I would highly highly recommend getting your keys from MaxKeyboard if you're looking to convert your Corsair keyboard to have Mac style keys.
Moved from a PC to a MacBook and needed keys mapped to match. This was a perfect fit for my Logitech keyboard. The font is pretty close too, so they look like they belong.
Good quality product, almost exact match for my Azio RGB keys.
I got these keycaps to replace a few of my Kinesis Freestyle Edge mechanical keyboard keys. Unfortunately the sizes are not quite right for me to replace the right Ctrl key, but I'm fine having a slightly non-standard layout since I never use that key anyhow. The finish of the keys is identical, you can't even tell they're replacements, and they shipped so fast. A good, solid hold on the Cherry MX Blue key switches. Great stuff!
Perfect! I was having a hard time finding shine through key caps with the mac keys and I found this site. The keys fit perfectly on my Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Chroma.
Keys fit perfectly on my Drevo Calibur & work perfectly, though they don't have the "soft touch" feel of the original keys they still look great
Finally, keys for the Mac! Option E matches my Corsair K70 keyboard perfectly.
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