Custom Mac Modifier backlight keycaps

Example: Mac Modifier keys for 6.0x spacebar bottom row
6.0x Unit Spacebar 6.25x Unit Spacebar 6.5x Unit Spacebar

Now you can order your own personalized and customized Mac Modifier key compatible with Cherry MX keycaps.

Each set comes with 4pc custom keycaps

A) Select your bottom row
B) Select your design (A - F)
C) Select keycap color
D) Add to cart

. ABS material, OEM profile.
. This is a custom made to order product.
. Custom keys may require 3 - 5 business days to process.

*** CLICK HERE to view the mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***

Option C with the 6.25 spacebar option is perfect for the Logitech G610. This keyboard has a bit of a nonstandard sizing with Ctrl being 1.5 and the spacebar being 6.0, but the 1.25 caps that are standard for the 6.25 spacebar are the exact size needed. From the top they look and feel identical to the OEM keycaps.
These Mac modifiers are a perfect fit for my SteelSeries Apex Pro (6.25x spacebar for anyone wondering). I use a KVM switch to connect the keyboard to both my Mac and Windows machines, so "Option C" was exactly what I needed to complete my setup.

I only wish there was a PBT option so that I could upgrade all the keys and have them match, but these match the original ABS keycaps perfectly.
Font is perfect, fit is perfect, what else could you want.
I was amazed at how good the keycaps looked on my Corsair k70. I couldn't tell the difference. Great Product!!!
Great quality caps, they fit like a glove to my keyboard and the option "E" is almost a perfect match for my Corsair K70 Mk.2. Now I have all my Mac keys in place! Took about a working week to ship to Spain for a very reasonable shipping fee :)
These were a perfect match for my keyboard. I am impressed with the quality as well as with how quickly they arrived.
Got Mac modifier backlight keycaps for my Hexgears Nova mechanical. Could not be happier. The MAX Products Mac keys turned out to be a perfect match. Installation was a breeze. After replacing the Option and Command keys, it looks like it's always been a dedicated Mac keyboard.
looks great! I ordered option D for my Glorious TKL, and they are perfect.
A very close match for the keys on my Corsair k68 keyboard. The font and style of option D are pretty much identical to the other keys. They fit ever so slightly lower on the keys than stock so the feel is a little different, but not something you notice unless you really pay attention.
I bought these for Code WASD keyboard and they look great. Not a perfect match due to how much light is allowed through, but looks good enough to me and I like them and would recommend them for anyone wanting Mac keys.
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