R4 "Escape" Backlight Cherry MX Keycap

Max Keyboard Custom R4 "Escape" Backlight Cherry MX Keycap
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Additional cool looking "Escape" novelty keycap. R4/E 1x1 (fits F-row and Number Row 1 x 1) keycap. Compatible with all Cherry MX mechanical key switches.

. Fit Cherry MX / Kailh / Razer mechanical switch
. Designed for backlight / non-backlight mechanical keyboard
. Key cap icon / character / legend are laser etched. See pictures for examples

. Custom R4 "Escape" Backlight Cherry MX Keycap (1) - to be placed on first and second row (1 x 1 unit)

* Please refer to the following key placement diagram. Green color zone represents R4 / E profile row with 1x1 key cap size

R4 E profile row

  • shoved this on my corsair k65 and because of its led placement (and the fact the shine through is basically the full height of the key, only the top half of the key really shines and the bottom half is dim. nothing you can really do about that, just something to keep in mind.
    Bought this for my Corsair K70 LUX RGB in combination with the Portal Alt-keys, and it just fits the keyboard perfectly. I'm using a white light for this key, and it's definitely the right thing to do: I feel like I'm escaping all the windows when I press this button! ;P
    Really nice key. It currently replaces my PRNT key and it looks awesome.
    Matched the keys on my Corsair K70 LED perfectly.
    Perfect fit, looks awesome. Only issue is that I couldn't decide on which key cap would make the best escape key replacement, so I now have to swap them. I think I can live with this problem ;)
    Excellent keycap for my G710+. Thank you
    Look perfectly on my G710+. Thank you.
    I mean, it's a Escape key. It's Portal, looks great. Looks just as good as it does in person as it does in the pictures. It's the same material that's used on most keyboards (the glossy easy to ruin plastic) which is a little sad, but makes things more cohesive.

    I would recommend if you want that little more custom of a keyboard
    I like my custom Escape key... fits and looks fine on my Corsair Strafe keyboard.
    IMHO, the running man escape key is exactly what one needs on a keyboard. I used the key as a replacement on my CODE (wasd) keyboard and, as expected, it fit in with the rest of the keys perfectly. The only possible reason one would not have to buy this is if you are extremely particular about your back-lit keys. The CODE keyboards are back-lit, but the LEDs are not centered (due to the placement of the key indicators on the standard keys), which results in a glowing half-runner on the CODE keyboard. I don't use the backlights anyway, so it is a moot point.
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