Custom White Translucent Top Backlight Keycap Set (Blank)

MAX Keyboard Custom White Translucent Top Backlight Keycap Set
61/87/104 ANSI layout is commonly used in US, Canada, & Australia. 62/88/105 ISO layout is commonly used in European countries (Belgian, Canadian French, Danish, French, German, Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Swiss, U.K
ANSI 61-key (60%) ANSI 87-key (TKL) ANSI 104-key (FULL SIZE) ISO 62-key (60%) ISO 88-key (TKL) ISO 105-key (FULL SIZE)
Please refer to the bottom row size chart below
Recommended steel wire key puller for easy key removal.
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MAX signature custom Cherry MX white translucent top keycap set. A full set of white translucent top keycaps with black opaque side wall.

Our special custom 2 tone keycap set will give you an awe-inspiring, distinctive look on your RGB keyboard by turning it into a vivid magical light effect.

Fits most major brands mechanical keyboards such as Razer, Cooler Master, Logitech, Corsair and much more.

. Custom built to order
. Compatible with Cherry MX / Kailh / Gateron / Razer mechanical switch
. Designed for RGB backlight mechanical keyboard
. Black sidewall with a white translucent top
. Complete Cherry MX replacement keycap set for 61/87/104 ANSI or 62/88/105 ISO layout

NOTE: Spacebar with San Francisco skyline print is an example of custom graphics work that can be included for an additional fee

1) 6x unit spacebar bottom row (mostly used on gaming keyboards such as Razer Blackwidow)
6.0x spacebar bottom row
2) 6.25x unit spacebar bottom row (mostly used on standard mechanical keyboards)
6.25x spacebar bottom row
3) 6.5x unit spacebar bottom row (mostly used on gaming keyboards such as Corsair Vengeance K70 / Logitech G710+ / Roccat Ryos MK Pro)
6.5x spacebar bottom row

*** If you are not sure which keyboard layout and keycap size to choose, CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***

Note: Metal stabilizer bar, plastic insert & clip for larger keys are not included in this set.

Keycap Information

Bottom Row Layout:
  • Select from options
  • 6.0x Spacebar Row
  • 6.25x Spacebar Row
  • 6.5x Spacebar Row
Keycap Color:
  • White Translucent Top
  • Black
Keycap Layout:
  • ANSI 61-Key
  • ISO 62-Key
  • ANSI 104-Key
  • ANSI 87-Key
  • ISO 105-Key
  • ISO 88-Key
Keycap Material:
  • ABS
Keycap Print:
  • Select from Options
Keycap Profile:
  • OEM
product was as advertised.
I bought a Coolermaster RGB keyboard along these keys and they look great together. They come with very helpful tools to swap the keys out which I very much appreciated. At first they have a slightly rough texture to them but using them for a while will smooth the tops down. I was concerned the keys might be too translucent and show different uneven lighting from the underside of the keys but thankfully all of mine were evenly lit If you have special keyboard make sure that you know how many extra keys it has. I didn't pay attention so I didn't buy 4 extra keys for the color profile buttons that come with my particular keyboard.
Bought 2 sets now of the custom white translucent keycap sets. Ordered both with front side print and they are fantastic replacement keys especially if you want some great looking lighting effects.

After receiving the first set I was so impressed I ordered a second set for my other computer. Great to type on (the tops never get greasy), like having an RGB ninja keycap set.

Great service again from Maxkeyboard thanks guys for taking care of me and getting my order over to the UK so quickly.


These are excellent key caps. When I compare them to the stock keycaps that came with my Corsair Strafe RGB, it makes the LED illumination much brighter. There was a bit of a mishap since a good number of the keys that came in had black marks (dots and/or lines) on the white top of the keycap. I contacted Max support and they were quick to reply and send out replacement key caps for the affected ones.

I'm happy with this purchase and would strongly recommended these white translucent top key caps if you're aiming to achieve the best possible lighting from your keyboard's LEDs.
Ordered the 60% version for my Anne Pro. Had a couple of questions about the custom side-printed option and support was prompt in responding to my inquiry. The keycaps look great and have a great feel.
Asked for custom layout (60 percent) and they delivered on my request within 24 hours.

Fast shipping and despite some issues with the contents on delivery (which was fixed after a single email and image attachment) a great overall customer experience.

Will recommend and prime candidate for future purchases.
Received the White Translucent Keycaps for my Vortex Pok3R Cherry MX Blue keyboard, and they are fantastic! They have a nice lighted sanded feel to them, which adds to the tactile feeling and will make for better typing (in my opinion). I really like the look. The colors pop so much more than with the stock keycaps. The only difference here is, there is absolutely no printing on the keycaps. They are blank, which is exactly what I was looking for. It will only better my typing, as far as I'm concerned. Thanks again! Very pleased!
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