Been using a set of custom keycaps for almost a year now and they're great! Only one key's lettering has started to wear.
Excellent customer service! Very quick to respond to my email and send a replacement order after the postal service delivered to the wrong address. New key caps are high quality and I will continue to order from Max Keyboard in the future.
Got myself another one for at work with silent keys and O-rings and it‘s nice and subtle
I order two R1 1x1 Custom Backlight Keycaps. The quality is very good, they fit perfectly onto a Corsair K95. I am very satisfied, might order more in the future.
Package came in today, all the way to The Netherlands! It was received in good condition. I ordered "standard" font keycaps, because the onces that ship with the Corsair K95 Platinum are way too agressieve. The result is just how i wanted it too be, and the quality of the keycaps is not worse than the Corsair's.
Got a custom print for a keyboard I'm building. The caps look better than I expected. Thanks a lot guys! I'll order again in the future.

Fantastic keycaps that fit my Corsair K95 keyboard perfectly. Now it's a Mac keyboard! Only minor point was the time it took to arrive here in Australia (21 days), but it has been worth the wait. Thank you Maxkeyboard for a great product and service.
I ordered a custom layout (Croatian) keycap set, the layout is great and exactly as I ordered. First typing experienece feels great. Only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the delivery person just threw my package over my gate and left. Did not even ring the doorbell to let me come outside and pick it up. I have a dog in my yard, thankfully he did not rip my package to shreds.
But I guess that is the USPS to blame and not Max Keyboards. So Keycap set 5/5 and the delivery 2/5.
I've ordered two sets of keycaps from Maxkeyboard and both have been absolutely great! The 2nd time I ordered the wrong layout and they were able to print off the wrong keys for me. Thanks guys!
Very good products. Highly recommend. I couldn't be happier with the Max F-8. Thanks.
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