Ordered some backlit keycaps with really fine details and they came out great! All of the original detail is there and they look gorgeous! Could not be happier with my purchase!
Absolute masterclass of keyboard keycaps!! Extremely fast shipping! An observant and friendly customer service! The site is clear n' concise, with a wide variety of keycap sets, that you'll find the one for you!!
Overall, a great price for an outstanding product!!!

I ordered a custom ISO keycap set for my new 60% board and made a custom printfile so that I have all the FN-layer information visible in a different colour than the normal text.
It arrived today after a rather short 20 days shipped to Finland via normal USPS and the keycaps came out perfectly the way I wanted them to be. The print is perfect, even the small 8pt font for the FN-layer is very crisp.

Will definately use this service again in the future and recommend it to others who need custom keycaps.
As a Linux user the "super" keys on keyboards has always annoyed me as it contains the window's Logo. I ordered some custom key's to replace them. The look and feel great, they are slightly higher than the CTRL and ALT on my model of keyboard but not enough to bother me.

I uploaded a full video review of the custom backlit keycap's to odysee
I bought a custom full size ISO Nighthawk Z keyboard with clear cherry mx.
Ultra fast shipping to Canada. Super customer service from Jerry.
Excellent keyboard and keycaps quality with ultra soft finish
The print is sharp. Braided usb cable.
Nighthawk Z hidden feature is +1!
I would buy again from MaxKeyboard!
Been using a set of custom keycaps for almost a year now and they're great! Only one key's lettering has started to wear.
Excellent customer service! Very quick to respond to my email and send a replacement order after the postal service delivered to the wrong address. New key caps are high quality and I will continue to order from Max Keyboard in the future.
Got myself another one for at work with silent keys and O-rings and it‘s nice and subtle
I order two R1 1x1 Custom Backlight Keycaps. The quality is very good, they fit perfectly onto a Corsair K95. I am very satisfied, might order more in the future.
Package came in today, all the way to The Netherlands! It was received in good condition. I ordered "standard" font keycaps, because the onces that ship with the Corsair K95 Platinum are way too agressieve. The result is just how i wanted it too be, and the quality of the keycaps is not worse than the Corsair's.
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