Received my keyboard. loved the care that you put into the postage and the quallity is great. Thanks again!"
Just got mine! Thanks for the careful packaging guys, and it is hands down the best keyboard I've ever had. First mechanical keyboard in over a decade and no problems adapting.
OH... MY... GOD!!! Do I like it??? I'm speechless... seriously, I'm thinking "what did I do to deserve something so amazing?!?!" I would challenge any company to make a mechanical keyboard that is even half as nice as this. Not Ducky, Das Keyboard, Filco, nor Topre come close to this level of beauty, quality, customization, and above all customer support. Thank you for all your time, work, and patience. If you don't mind I'm going to post that picture to the custom PC review forum, so that the others can take a look at this beauty:) Plus I have a LAN party next Friday and you better believe this will be a focal point of conversation between rounds of Counter Strike. Can't wait to show it off... Also I was going to do an unboxing/customer review over at custom PC Review and GeekHack, that is, when I find the tripod for my digital camera. Thank You Again Max Keyboard!
It came in today. I couldn't get it out of the box quick enough. I plugged it in and immediately set it to "breathing". I like!!
Got my keyboard today! It is just amazing! ahh I'm soo happy! Thanks for such an amazing keyboard! :D
Received My new keyboard today sure is nice, the guys at max keyboard was great to work with and answer any questions, I would highly recommend Max keyboard to anyone looking to try a mechanical keyboard, going to try some 40A o-rings on keys to quite it down a little, its not bad just not used to it. thanks again guys....
I just received my keyboard from you guys and i must say, i LOVE it!!. blue and red LEDs go very well. The keyboard also feel hell of a lot better then my razer blackwidow ultimate stealth edition which i had last.
I just ordered my Nighthawk X8 a few moments ago! Thanks for all of your answer to my questions and your help, I appreciate the very good customer service! I included the customization request in the comments of the order, as you asked me to below. Esc, E, D, S, and F in GREEN on my X8 was the request. I can't wait to get my hands on the keyboard soon! Thanks again!! :)
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