It came in today. I couldn't get it out of the box quick enough. I plugged it in and immediately set it to "breathing". I like!!
Got my keyboard today! It is just amazing! ahh I'm soo happy! Thanks for such an amazing keyboard! :D
Received My new keyboard today sure is nice, the guys at max keyboard was great to work with and answer any questions, I would highly recommend Max keyboard to anyone looking to try a mechanical keyboard, going to try some 40A o-rings on keys to quite it down a little, its not bad just not used to it. thanks again guys....
I just received my keyboard from you guys and i must say, i LOVE it!!. blue and red LEDs go very well. The keyboard also feel hell of a lot better then my razer blackwidow ultimate stealth edition which i had last.
I just ordered my Nighthawk X8 a few moments ago! Thanks for all of your answer to my questions and your help, I appreciate the very good customer service! I included the customization request in the comments of the order, as you asked me to below. Esc, E, D, S, and F in GREEN on my X8 was the request. I can't wait to get my hands on the keyboard soon! Thanks again!! :)
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