First of all thank you to product support department. Because i asked about the keycaps for Turkish characters and they prepared only in one day! So I am very happy because of their interest and helpfull behavior.
Key cap set is very beautifull. Now my K70 RGB keyboard is looking amazing!
I wanted to replace the hideous stock keycaps on my QuickFire XT with white, front-print keycaps (Nordic ISO layout). It turned out that MAX Keyboard is one of the few, if not the only, company providing such service for my needs.

I contacted MAX's customer service and almost instantly I got an extremely friendly and helpful response from a guy named Jerry. Turned out that MAX does custom printing service on their blank keycaps (yes, even ISO nordic layout), so I ordered the 105-key ISO layout blank keycaps alongside the custom print service for my Swedish/Finnish layout. Even though I chose the most economic option of all international shipping methods, the package was at my doorstep exactly one week after ordering, which is quite fantastic.

I can't emphasize enough how much I like these keycaps. They feel sturdy, the printing in the front is top-notch, and they look absolutely beautiful. Even the writing experience is better than on the stocks.

Exquisite customer service, competitive price, fast order processing and shipping, and superb products - all this wraps up one of the best shopping experiences I've undergone. I will instruct everyone to look no further and choose MAX Keyboard for all their keyboard-needs!
I bought the Universal Cherry MX Translucent Clear black full set key caps (top print) for my corsair K70 RGB. I love the keys and they make the color really pop out like crazy. But the big issue I'm having is, you can't see any of the letters at night with the keyboard backlight on. It doesn't matter how low you turn it down. You can't see the letters at all, unless your face is looking on top of the keyboard and looking straight down on it from within a foot or two. I think I would have been better off with the print in the front rather then the top. Other then that one issue, these keys are perfect.
Dear Max Keyboard,

I received my X9 with Blue LED's today and it is really awesome! Great job.

Thank You,
Hello! I'm writing this so I may personally thank you for my wonderful experience I had shopping on your website! Opon loosing my z keycap I came to your website looking to buy a replacement, and while I couldn't find a z keycap on the website I decided to settle for a simple blank keycap as a blank key is better than no key. When I proceeded to check out I noticed there was a comment section so in the comment section I decided to write about how I lost my z cap and jokingly ask if there was any way I could get a replacement (it's translucent by the way for my back-lit keyboard) and I was completely not expecting to receive a replacement translucent z cap. But upon opening my package today I was met with a huge surprise! In the package there was the z cap I had jokingly asked for! I was so pleasantly surprised when I received it. The fact that your company was willing to go out of the way to do this for me is so amazing! If any of my friends are looking for any keyboard accessories I know exactly where I'm sending them! Thank you so much for an amazing surprise and definitely making my day!
Thank you everything is fine the product is great and the shipping was really fast.

Best regards

THANK YOU! The products are received including a free extra replacement for my CTRL-button. Thank you for sending this in without any request from my side.

This has solved my problem completely. I won't forget this incredible act of customer service. Any potential customers for your products that I know will be directly forwarded to your website by me.

Met vriendelijke groet, Best regards,
I just wanted to say thank you again for the help, I really appreciate it!

The shipment arrived yesterday; I used the puller, and I've been typing with the new key caps ever since.
I took a picture (with a low quality camera) just to show a friend, and I thought I'd show you too: https://i.imgur.com/opP9EI9.jpg (Corsair Gaming K70 RGB)

De-bundling those four keys from their complete set really helped me out.
Maybe in the future Max Keyboard will always sell those keys individually?

Received my key cap replacement in the mail yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you for your incredibly swift and effective customer service. I won't hesitate to use your site again in the future.
Just received my X7 Nighthawk keyboard this past Saturday and so far I am very pleased. The custom LED lighting on this keyboard is awesome and love how I can control the intensity. I got a 5 different color LED keyboard to make certain functions easier to see without having to hunt and search the keyboard in the dark. I definitely recommend Max Keyboard to anyone who is looking a mechanical keyboard. I looked at about 9 different makers before deciding to go with Max. Ken Chang showed amazing customer service by returning my call even after they closed their doors for the day. This showed me that they are never too busy to take care of people and I take customer service very seriously. I will definitely look to them in the future for more devices, especially if all the devices are as well built as this keyboard. It has a good weight to where it doesn't slide across the desk when in use. Bravo Max Keyboard, you just earned a customer for life!
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