Kent in customer service is a big reason why I'm purchasing this keyboard. He took the time to answer EVERY question I had and clearly demonstrated his knowledge of the product all the way down to potential UEFI bios issues. I did my homework, read hundreds of reviews on your family of products from competitive sites (Amazon, Overclockers.net, etc.) and his customer service has me very excited to receive my new keyboard. Please give Kent a big high five for me and buy him some lunch, HE IS THE REASON I'm buying this keyboard.

Bought the X9 about a year ago and its still going strong! I have not had any issue with it at all. I did some heavy research before buying a keyboard, and I am very satisfied I took a chance with MAX. Probably one of the best built keyboards as well, as I have trekked this thing probably at least 20 miles in a backpack full of other junk, through snow and rain. Great investment. I just recommended my friend to get one as well!
So far, this keyboard has been a joy to type on. I've had to switch between my desktop PC with my new x7, and my work laptop with a scissor-type switch dome keyboard. There is no competition. The feel of the Cherry MX Blue switches are fantastic.

I'm hoping that I end up with none of the issues that some people have posted in the reviews. If I do end up with an issue, it sounds like the Max Keyboard support is great.

One thing I want to warn people about with regard to the Cherry MX Blue switches is do not underestimate the volume of noise that they put out. These bad boys are *loud*! It doesn't bother me personally, but if you will be typing in an area where there are other people around, they will very possibly get upset with you.

Fantastic keyboard overall so far.

Mitch O
I went all out and went custom. It's my most valuable possession. I talk to people about it non-stop, and show it off at every moment I can. I would cut off my own finger before I gave this thing away. If my house burned down, I would have it rebuilt in a heartbeat.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I play MechWarrior Online with it, not to mention that I can type like the lord of hell himself with it. Speed boost 80WPM to 100WPM. WIN.
I got the Nighthawk X9. Unbelievably nice keyboard. Blue backlighting is very uniform. The soft touch case feels really nice and the keyboard overall seems to be built really well.

However, the real reason to get a Max Keyboard is the excellent customer service you get. They answered all of my emails within an hour of me sending them. That is almost unheard of in tech support for any company. Like a previous review, I also dealt with Kent Chang and I must say he was professional, took my issue seriously and was very quick in getting back to my emails.

I would highly recommend Max Keyboard.
Keyboard arrived - it's gorgeous and feels amazing to use. Worth every penny. Thanks guys!
Sales representative Kent Chang was fast, helpful, and responsive. Good customer service.
Just received my custom X8 in the mail this morning and the more I'm using it the more I'm liking it. Really really happy with the quality of the keyboard :) Customer service from Max was awesome and communication was quick and easy for my custom order. Would definitely recommend and use again!
Wasn't sure what keyboard to buy, but I am glad I chose this one. I got a semi-custom X8 with base blue leds and 7 purple leds. It was customized and shipped within 8 hours of ordering, and arrived in 6 days. The keyboard is built well and the backlighting is even. Coming from a membrane keyboard, the cherry browns are amazing. I installed max's o-rings on my wasd keys and they make a difference with sound, but feel the same. I would highly recommend the brown switches and the nighthawk line for anyone who is looking to get a mechanical, backlit keyboard. Good luck!
I have been using my Nighthawk X9 now for over a week and hands down the best keyboard I have ever had. I went with the Red switches and seems to work out pretty good for me. The red back-lighting I chose complements my setup beautifully and it just looks stellar!

I had an issue with it working via a KVM switch and called Max and Kent was superb! I have never had such excellence in calling customer support. Just for this fact alone will make me stick with Max for my mechanical keyboard needs:)
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