Wow! just wow! bought this keyboard and never got dissappointed about it, that clicky sound, I might not need a Pc,
I may live just with this keyboard (BTW typing with it now)
Ordered during their Black Friday weekend sale/promo, I've been tinkering with the Nighthawk X8 ever since it has arrived. Before, I had ordered their Cherry MX sampler kit to get a feel to the switches before I make the first dive into mechanical keyboard. I have settled on the brown switch and thus the decision to go with the X8.

The feel of the keyboard was completely different despite having played with the sampler kit. It is also very different from the membrane keyboard I have been using all this time. Even now, having used it for about a week, I am trying to adjust to the feel of it.

As a first impression, the keyboard is solid, with its blue LED lighting up very well. Its built-in media keys is also a good feature to have when playing music in the background. The only thing that caught me off guard was the size of the individual keys, which is a more rectangular shape than a square. While this is a minor thing, it was something I more expected since it is a keyboard. Overall, the keyboard feels nice for the most part. It will take me a long time to get used to it. But I am liking the feel of it.

Along with the order, I took it upon myself to grab a pack of o-rings for sound dampening. I wanted a more silent keyboard since I have the tendency to bottom out any keys regardless if it was a mechanical or membrane keyboard. After an hour of careful key pulling and installing each individual rings onto the keys, the feel is about the same but the sound is a tad less audible. Still, it didn't seem like it'll deter me from using it.

In the end, Max Keyboard has a fine quality product that is readily available. Last I checked, Rosewill still has yet to bring out their Helios RK-9200 since its unveil at CES 2013 in January. And they (Rosewill) had the galls to unveil another set of keyboards that bears a striking resemblence to Max Keyboard's Nighthawk series at BlizzCon. Screw you, Rosewill. You just lost $150. Thanks, Max Keyboard. Here's to hoping I come back as a returning customer in the near future.
Just bought my second keyboard from these guys and all I can say is that I am in love with each one I own. High quality, great light options, no dead lights or keys, you will not be disappointed. As a gamer I have not had this fail on me once during gaming. Highly recommended to anyone planning on buying a mechanical keyboard.
Dear Mr. Chang:

I took your advice and allowed the Max Nighthawk X8 keyboard to boot-up with my system. A minute later and everything worked perfectly. The keyboard is amazing in quality, feel, looks, lights, and I love that I can connect my USB TrackIR, headphones and microphone directly to the pass-thru ports conveniently located at the back of the keyboard. The MX brown keys feel like I was reborn in heaven and the translucent key-caps you advised for the number pad replacement fit beautifully and will work well for my gaming (as I use my left-hand for movement instead of the WASD keys). Max Keyboard is indeed a fantastic company but especially so because of your excellent customer service. I shall recommend their products to everyone I know. I've attached a few photos of my fabulous keyboard. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Jeffrey Widen
-Wyandotte, Michigan
I live in Europe so I ordered everythink I need at once:
Tesoro Durandal eSport Edition keyboard;
Keycap Rubber O-Rings Dampeners;
Cherry MX Switch, O-Ring Sampler Tester Kit;
Cherry MX Translucent Clear Black Full Keycap Set (Top Print).

The products are good but they still could use a little improvement...

So I'm working with computers for 15 years. I also do some heavy gaming sometimes and I love to do some "constructions" at home (upgrade PC myself or change GPU fan from time to time). So I wanted a new mechanical keyboard with some customization.

At first after a while of searching in the internet I wanted Corsair K70. As always I checked everything what goes at that price and bigger price range. When price went higher that 100$ everywhere I looked people recommended (if we talking about gaming keyboards) Ducky, Deck and Durandal keyboards. I also considered to buy Razer for a short time but, as always, anything they manufacture (except mouses) are average product.
So... if you have tons of money maybe you should go for Deck keyboards they're more expensive but they have PTB (or PBT?) key caps. That's the only objection to Durandal keyboards I have (they key caps are from ABS material). Other than that I'd say everything is the same and a little more... What's more? Well you can do a little customization yourself if you buy some tools from their site (that's why I bought Dampeners and another keycap set). And do some "construction" yourself if you want or, of course, you could ask Maxkeyboards to do all the hard work.

Keyboard is great (except ABS keys material). That's all I can say. Maybe they could improve a wrist support pad (change from hard plastic to something soft).
I didn't liked Key caps set.. Every key cap I pulled from the plastic material they sat in were dirty with white plastic and I had to clean everyone one of them with a rug (well maybe except few "lucky" caps). Also every cap had like a white dot on it's back which I couldn't clean (was it imprinted?), but since it's in the back normally it's invisible so that's not a problem. Another problem that if LEDs are very bright you can see through key caps imprinted numbers (for example: B06) of size maybe (I'm not sure)?. So after 4 hours I replaced all caps. Well the keyboard looked nicer but that's all.

While replacing key caps I also added O-Rings Dampeners. In my opinion these are must have for any mechanical keyboard because keys sounds when I pressed them were driving me nuts from the very beginning.

Cherry MX Switch Sampler Tester Kit - not much to say here. Although if you want to buy mechanical keyboard it's a good purchase (I bought for the future) because for a fairly cheap price you can buy tester and test most popular ones MX switches.

My other thoughts:

I'm happy with the purchase (maybe except key caps set dirt problem).
If you have any problem or questions you can ask kent@maxkeyboard.com his answers are profesionnal and he replies fast (I think he deserves some bonuses) opposite of sales@maxkeyboard.com (didn't got reply for three days).
Shipping to abroad is quite expensive (60 dollars for shipping + 40 dollars for import taxes). USPS international shipping branch is very VERY slow. My parcel was at USPS for whole week till it got shipped (and it's higher priority shipping, so I can't imagine the speed of lowest priority shipping internationally).
To bad that this company doesn't sell any products in European Union (they have branches everywhere else, maybe except Africa) they'd be great competitors to Razer and Corsair manufacturing crap (because price is almost the same) and they product is top quality (if they fix those little problems I mentioned with minor improvements).
No seller branch (or reseller) in EU means no warranty in EU. So that's a biggest drawback to anyone who lives in EU. Some people doesn't want to risk with warranty (to pay 100 dollars to ship to USA for warranty is crazy).

So add PBT (PTB?) key caps, change plastic wrist to something softer, fix dirt problem and everything else I mentioned at key caps, begin to sell in EU (I don't think that's EU market is very little) + add warranty in EU also. And you'll get some profit (maybe a lot who knows) in time...
Kent in customer service is a big reason why I'm purchasing this keyboard. He took the time to answer EVERY question I had and clearly demonstrated his knowledge of the product all the way down to potential UEFI bios issues. I did my homework, read hundreds of reviews on your family of products from competitive sites (Amazon, Overclockers.net, etc.) and his customer service has me very excited to receive my new keyboard. Please give Kent a big high five for me and buy him some lunch, HE IS THE REASON I'm buying this keyboard.

Bought the X9 about a year ago and its still going strong! I have not had any issue with it at all. I did some heavy research before buying a keyboard, and I am very satisfied I took a chance with MAX. Probably one of the best built keyboards as well, as I have trekked this thing probably at least 20 miles in a backpack full of other junk, through snow and rain. Great investment. I just recommended my friend to get one as well!
So far, this keyboard has been a joy to type on. I've had to switch between my desktop PC with my new x7, and my work laptop with a scissor-type switch dome keyboard. There is no competition. The feel of the Cherry MX Blue switches are fantastic.

I'm hoping that I end up with none of the issues that some people have posted in the reviews. If I do end up with an issue, it sounds like the Max Keyboard support is great.

One thing I want to warn people about with regard to the Cherry MX Blue switches is do not underestimate the volume of noise that they put out. These bad boys are *loud*! It doesn't bother me personally, but if you will be typing in an area where there are other people around, they will very possibly get upset with you.

Fantastic keyboard overall so far.

Mitch O
I went all out and went custom. It's my most valuable possession. I talk to people about it non-stop, and show it off at every moment I can. I would cut off my own finger before I gave this thing away. If my house burned down, I would have it rebuilt in a heartbeat.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I play MechWarrior Online with it, not to mention that I can type like the lord of hell himself with it. Speed boost 80WPM to 100WPM. WIN.
I got the Nighthawk X9. Unbelievably nice keyboard. Blue backlighting is very uniform. The soft touch case feels really nice and the keyboard overall seems to be built really well.

However, the real reason to get a Max Keyboard is the excellent customer service you get. They answered all of my emails within an hour of me sending them. That is almost unheard of in tech support for any company. Like a previous review, I also dealt with Kent Chang and I must say he was professional, took my issue seriously and was very quick in getting back to my emails.

I would highly recommend Max Keyboard.
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