Keyboard arrived - it's gorgeous and feels amazing to use. Worth every penny. Thanks guys!
Sales representative Kent Chang was fast, helpful, and responsive. Good customer service.
Just received my custom X8 in the mail this morning and the more I'm using it the more I'm liking it. Really really happy with the quality of the keyboard :) Customer service from Max was awesome and communication was quick and easy for my custom order. Would definitely recommend and use again!
Wasn't sure what keyboard to buy, but I am glad I chose this one. I got a semi-custom X8 with base blue leds and 7 purple leds. It was customized and shipped within 8 hours of ordering, and arrived in 6 days. The keyboard is built well and the backlighting is even. Coming from a membrane keyboard, the cherry browns are amazing. I installed max's o-rings on my wasd keys and they make a difference with sound, but feel the same. I would highly recommend the brown switches and the nighthawk line for anyone who is looking to get a mechanical, backlit keyboard. Good luck!
I have been using my Nighthawk X9 now for over a week and hands down the best keyboard I have ever had. I went with the Red switches and seems to work out pretty good for me. The red back-lighting I chose complements my setup beautifully and it just looks stellar!

I had an issue with it working via a KVM switch and called Max and Kent was superb! I have never had such excellence in calling customer support. Just for this fact alone will make me stick with Max for my mechanical keyboard needs:)
Received my keyboard last week and I am quite please. the build quality is top notch, the back-light is birght, cool, and even and its a joy to type and game on! Thanks Max Keyboard, i got the x9 but i'm sure that every other model is just as good!
The Best Keyboard in the World!!!!! Seriously stop reading these comments and go buy it already!!!!!! :P
Just received my Nighthawk X8 today and I must say I am beyond pleased. I read a lot of reviews and was expecting a high quality keyboard, but some how this beautiful board still managed to blow my expectations out of the water! This keyboard is everything I could want and then some. Thank you Max Keyboard, I will recommend you guys to everyone I can, keep up the awesome work!

Max Keyboard Nighthawk X8 = the best keyboard on the market.
Using computers for 36 years (I'm 47). I truly missed my IBM buckle spring keyboards but need to move into the 21st century and match my black and red neon Rampage IV Extreme build theme with a red backlit keyboard. There were a few choices but not many. It is taking some getting use to the noise the keys make as they bottom out. Apparently I hit the keys fairly hard.

I will say that the included palm rest is worthless. I had carpel tunnel syndrome in 15 minutes trying to use this thing. I replaced it with a 19inch 3M gel based wrist rest that is divine.

I do like the fact this unit comes with a dust cover. My previous keyboard (Logitech Wave USB) had dust and crud in it often.

The back lighting is pretty uniform except for the Function keys 2nd function below the F1 - F12 which is barely visible at all even on the highest brightness.

Overall I would say I am pleased with this keyboard. I bought the cherry blue version and I will say that the clicks are really not that loud, not as loud as some of the YouTube reviews would have you believe.
4 Stars
So EZ a 13 year old could buy it! Honestly took about 3 days to ship and once it did installation was as simple as plug in and go. Love the G1NL's cherry red caps and overall gamer appeal. Got a killer deal and couldn't be happier.
*Side Note* The package came with E.Z. Gaming Inc. on in! (E.Z.'s my clan and it said it as if it was my company)
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