ISO Layout Custom Backlight Cherry MX Keycap Set (TOP PRINT)

Max Keyboard ISO Layout Custom Backlight Keycap Set
62/88/105 ISO layout is commonly used in European countries and is available in Belgian, Canadian French, Danish, French, German, Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Cyrillic, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, U.K layout
ISO 62-key (60%) ISO 88-key (TKL) ISO 105-key (FULL SIZE)
Please refer to the key layout and size chart on "SPECIFICATION" tab. Green color zone represents the difference in bottom row layout with 6.0x, 6.25x and 6.5x spacebar.
Recommended steel wire key puller for easy key removal.
Select web pre-designed if you are using the online customization tool. You must use max keyboard print template if you plan to upload your own design.
Upload your design using our print template gives you total control on your own text/icon. We support both Adobe illustrator or Inkscape (SVG) format. Download our print template at support/download page.
Let us know in the "Comment" box If you need 1 OS + 1 Fn key or "`~" key replaced with "Esc"
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Custom backlit keycap set for Belgian, Canadian French, Danish, French, German, Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian Cyrillic, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, U.K layout. Design your keycap layout using our keycap set designer below. NOTE: To prevent delay in processing your order, your selection above must match your design below.

Max Keyboard full replacement ISO 105-key backlight keycap set for Cherry MX mechanical keyboard.

For even more inspiration, please check out our photos in Gallery.

. Custom made to order
. Compatible with Cherry MX / Kailh / Gateron / Razer mechanical switch
. Designed for backlight mechanical keyboard
. Complete Cherry MX backlight keycap set for 105/88/62 ISO layout


Keycap color Black
Number of Keys 62 / 88 / 105
Layout ISO (OEM Key Profile)
Bottom row layout Select from 6.0, 6.25 or 6.5 Spacebar layout
6.0x - All Razer Blackwidow Keyboards.
6.25x - Typical standard mechanical keyboards
6.5x - Logitech G710, G710+. Corsair Vengeance Kxx series, CM Storm QF TK
Print Top Print
Material ABS

*** If you are not sure which keyboard layout and keycap size to choose, CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***

*Please refer to the following keycap layout and size chart. Yellow color zone represents the difference in bottom row layout with 6.0x, 6.25x and 6.5x spacebar.

Max Keyboard 104 ANSI Layout with 6.0x unit spacebar

Max Keyboard 104 ANSI Layout with 6.25x unit spacebar

Max Keyboard 104 ANSI Layout with 6.5x unit spacebar
. Item is packed in clear plastic bag and shipped with yellow padded envelope to save buyers on shipping cost.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Keycap Information

Bottom Row Layout:
  • Select from options
  • 6.0x Spacebar Row
  • 6.25x Spacebar Row
  • 6.5x Spacebar Row
Keycap Color:
  • Black
Keycap Layout:
  • ISO 62-Key
  • ISO 105-Key
  • ISO 88-Key
Keycap Legends:
  • Laser Etched
Keycap Material:
  • ABS
Keycap Print:
  • Top Print
Keycap Profile:
  • OEM
Ordered a backlit Cyrillic keycap set for a G710+. was delivered exactly as ordered.
After some unfortunate waiting time where the package was sent back to Maxkeyboard because the local post office didn't tell me they had received it, I finally received my set. Maxkeyboard was kind enough to resend the set to me free of charge for a second try, which I am very thankful for.

The product itself already deserves a lot of attention because I couldn't find anyone else that offers it. It's hard to find a mechanical keyboard with a desired keyboard layout, and if you need a multilingual layout (swiss french in my case), it's impossible to do so. Maxkeyboard to the rescue. The price is steep, I'll admit that. But what you get is a full set of high quality keycaps that also work with backlit keyboards. You can customize it however you like and even ask for custom caps to be included in your order. I asked for special windows keycaps myself and they fulfilled my wish without asking for any extra money.

Full points for the product and also customer service. They were very patient with my emails in which I asked why my package hasn't arrived yet and answered to all of my questions before I ordered.
excellent service, great product, very helpful
The keycaps are perfect and high quality. Love my keyboard even more now! The service was nice and good. Would deal again, cheeers!
Very good quality ABS keycaps! The lettering are very clear, very smooth finish and the keycap sits very tight on the stern. Everything follows my design perfectly.

This is my first custom design order and it sure will not be the last. I'll be back for more!
Excellent product. The layout, material and feeling are just perfect.
You made me cry 3 times this week.
Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks when our beloved 'receptionniste' notified me of the packages arrival.
Then, when I opened the box containing the keys, there were tears of relief : all that time waiting, it was worth it! Even in the box, the keys irradiated quality and craftsmanship. Thank you.
It was only yesterday that I found the time to mount the keys on my old keyboard. It is a dream!
The care you took to package the keys in an orderly fashion, helps very much with the assembly.
And now that I'm typing with my NEW keyboard, I'm running out of tissues. Thank you again.

Voilà, this is my conclusion : "A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever!"

Thank you all for your great work at MaxKeyboard

Ivan (18/03/2017)
Very good customer service, answered all of my questions and even added to the options something that I asked.
The keycaps are very well made.

I will recommend!
Off white keycaps, backlit with a good sized font and the option for non standard bottom ISO! Couldn't get these for love nor money anywhere for an UK ISO keyboard.

Great quality keycaps and look amazing on my Strafe RGB Silent keyboard. Only bettered by the customer service at maxkeyboard. Thanks guys, oh and thanyou to the kind gentleman that upgraded my delivery service FOC, much appreciated.

Would definitely recommend.
Great keycaps; they worked out exactly as I had hoped. Great customer service as well--above and beyond.
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