Max ANSI 104-key Cherry MX Replacement Keycap Set (Blank)

Max Keyboard ANSI 104-Key Cherry MX Blank Keycaps (Brown Color with 6.25x Unit Spacebar)
Black Color Keycap White Color Keycap Beige Color Keycap Gray Color Keycap Graphite Color Keycap Brown Color Keycap Red Color Keycap Orange Color Keycap Yellow Color Keycap Green Color Keycap Blue Color Keycap Navy Blue Color Keycap Purple Color Keycap
Please refer to the key layout and size chart below. Green color zone represents the difference in bottom row layout with 6.0x, 6.25x and 6.5x spacebar.
Recommended steel wire key puller for easy key removal.

Max Keyboard replacement ANSI 104-key keycap set for Cherry MX mechanical keyboard.

. Compatible with Cherry MX / Kailh / Gateron / Razer mechanical switch
. Designed for non-backlight mechanical keyboard
. Stealth blank key cap without any print
. Complete Cherry MX replacement keycap set for US 104/87 ANSI layout


Keycap color Select from the list of available colors
Number of Keys 104
Layout ANSI
Bottom row layout Select from 6.0x, 6.25x or 6.5x Spacebar layout
6.0x - All Razer Blackwidow Keyboards.
6.25x - Typical standard mechanical keyboards
6.5x - Logitech G710, G710+. Corsair Vengeance Kxx series, CM Storm QF TK
Print Default non printed / Blank.
Material ABS

*** If you are not sure which keyboard layout and keycap size to choose, CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***

*Please refer to the following keycap layout and size chart. Green color zone represents the difference in bottom row layout with 6.0x, 6.25x and 6.5x spacebar.

Max Keyboard 104 ANSI Layout with 6.0x unit spacebar

Max Keyboard 104 ANSI Layout with 6.25x unit spacebar

Max Keyboard 104 ANSI Layout with 6.5x unit spacebar
. Item is packed in clear plastic bag and shipped with yellow padded envelope to save buyers on shipping cost.
. Color panels are for reference only. Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Keycap Information

Bottom Row Layout:
  • Select from options
  • 6.0x Spacebar Row
  • 6.25x Spacebar Row
  • 6.5x Spacebar Row
Keycap Color:
  • Select from Options
  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
Keycap Layout:
  • ANSI 104-Key
Keycap Material:
  • ABS
Keycap Print:
  • Blank / Non Printed
Keycap Profile:
  • OEM
Cheap and well made, what more could you ask for?

These are pretty much perfect. They feel great, they look great, and they come in nice labelled bags for easy installation.

They look just amazing with an RGB keyboard.

I'd recommend getting the wire keycap puller to go with these, too, as it's cheap and very good.

Overall, would absolutely recommend!
Perfectly fine. My first set of blank black caps. Be sure to double check the space bar size, I got it wrong but that was my fault. Also the keys are supplied in bags and are sorted by row. I was confused at first and it took me a little while to sort things out.
Fast shipping and great price, however some of the keycaps had (admittedly small) marks on the back from where they were detached from the mold. The only other thing to note is that they are rather transparent, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Overall great, and those are more of me nitpicking than any serious issue. Would definitely recommend, especially due to their nice feel and reasonable price.
The keycaps look and feel great! They shipped quickly, and I'm excited to use them!
I'm a neophyte in terms of Mechanical Keyboards as a hobby/passion/obsession, so I don't feel like I speak in the most qualified or experienced voice. That said, like all of us, I've done a lot of reading and personal research looking for the "just right" parts to tweak a semi-custom board I used 8-12 hours a day to fit my tastes and usage like a glove.

With that in mind, here's what I have to say about these Blank 104-key ANSI Layout MX Keycap sets: Flawless, exactly what I ordered, and an incredible value. As a writer who has returned to university to pursue a second degree in computer science, virtually all of my life pursuits involved hours of keyboard use, but I'm not exactly rolling in money. If you've observed Mechanical Keyboards as an interest, you've no doubt seen some of the lengths people will go to for quality in the community that seem shocking to outsiders; limited run custom orders, group buys, etc. That stuff is all extremely cool, but not everyone has $200 to throw down on just a nice set of keycaps.

I've wanted to "go blank" for a long time. In addition to liking the minimalist aesthetic of the look, I wanted to enhance my typing by removing the crutch of key printing. I am also quite a heavy-handed typist and tend to type the vowels right off of most printed caps.

For $20 USD, assuming you have literally any board of the multitude that now exist and support MX-style stem and caps, you can easily give blank keys a shot with minimal risk. I liked my first set so much that I got another almost immediately for a backup board. In all likelihood, they feel at least as good as the keys that came on your board from the factory. I've yet to find anything readily available approaching this price point with this level of quality promised and delivered. No defective or damaged keys in the bag at all.

The true quality litmus test, I guess, would be extended usage. During my final project this semester, I think I broke my all-nighter record in an almost unbroken 42-hour coding frenzy, and these keys kept me happily clicking and clacking away through all of it. Bravo and Encore, Max Keyboard! I'll have to give the PBT keysets a shot next time I've got some spare cash around.
Exactly as listed. Perfect.
I'm not incredibly knowledged or exerienced in keyboards, but for what it's worth, these are great. Perfect for a nice, sleek look and confusing everyone else who tries to use your keyboard.

They feel like regular keys, although shaped better for your hands. Easy to install, all keys were in working order (no factory defects). I've had a noticable increase in my typing accuracy, as well.
Great keycaps. I have had it for a few weeks, and it has been good for daily use. I have my keyboard at work, so I type on it everyday, furiously someday. The fit and finish of the product is excellent for $20.00.
Perfect for my custom keyboard! Arrived on time and clean
The keycaps arrived faster than I expected and fit onto my keyboard perfectly.
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