MAX Falcon-20 RGB Custom Programmable Mini Macropad Mechanical Keyboard (Assembled)

MAX FALCON-20 RGB Programmable mini macropad mechanical keyboard (Assembled)
Cherry MX RGB Blue (Tactile & Clicky, 50g) Cherry MX RGB Brown (Tactile, 45g) Cherry MX RGB Silent (Linear, 45g, Noise Reduction) Cherry MX RGB Speed (Linear, 45g) Gateron KS Black (Linear, 60g) Gateron KS Red (Linear, 45g) Gateron KS Clear (Linear, 35g) Gateron KS Blue (Tactile & Clicky, 60g) Gateron KS Brown (Tactile, 55g) Gateron KS Green Key Switch (Tactile & Clicky 80g)
Recommended steel wire key puller for easy key removal.
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MAX Falcon-20 RGB custom programmable macropad / keypad will come in handy more often than not. Whether you’re entering data, doing calculations, or frequently using the number keys, having a dedicated Numpad can come in really handy. 

With our simple and easy programming app (Yes! you won’t need any programming experience to make it happen) you can easily repurpose each key: Use it as a numeric keypad or for dedicated shortcut keys  Best of all, everything you have programmed is stored in the device itself making it so convenient to use with any supported computers.

The PCB provides up to five layers of programming so you can make it as complex or as simple as you want to. Featuring twenty keys, RGB lighting, an anodized aluminum plate, and a 5-foot USB cable

NOTE: This is a custom made to order assembled unit, we will install PCB, mount all the switches, solder it, and install all the keycaps and bottom enclosure.

By default, Falcon-20 RGB is pre-programmed with the following prefix keys.

Model Switch Type Actuation Force Characteristics
Cherry MX RGB Silent
Linear 45g Smooth, no tactile bump, noise reduction technology
Cherry MX RGB Speed Linear 45g Smooth, no tactile bump, 1.2 mm actuation point (+/-0.4 mm)
Cherry MX RGB Blue Tactile & Clicky 50g Tactile and clicky switch. You can feel the tactile bump and hear the "click" that occurs when the activation point is hit.
Cherry MX RGB Brown Tactile 45g Softer and lighter tactile bump, no click. The tactile point is much less pronounced.
Gateron KS Green Tactile & Clicky 80g Firm tactile and clicky switch. You can feel the tactile bump and hear the "firm click" that occurs when the activation point is hit.
Gateron KS Black Linear 60g Smooth, no tactile bump. The Gateron KS Black is a stiffer variant of the Gateron KS Red linear switch.
Gateron KS Red Linear 45g Smooth, no tactile bump. The Gateron KS Red is a stiffer variant of the Gateron KS Clear linear switch.
Gateron KS Clear Linear 35g Smooth, no tactile bump. The lightest linear switch among all
Gateron KS Blue Tactile & Clicky 60g Tactile and clicky switch. You can feel the tactile bump and hear the "click" that occurs when the activation point is hit.
Gateron KS Brown Tactile 55g Tactile bump, no click. The tactile point is much pronounced.

Introduction Video

Falcon-20 RGB Programming Tutorial Video

Falcon-20 RGB review - By TotallydubbedHD


• 20 keys

• CNC aluminum plate

• Cherry MX RGB key switches

• Individual RGB backlit keys

• Backlight setting memory

• 8 level backlight mode

• 4mbit onboard memory


• 1000Hz polling rate

• Detachable USB cable

• Dual micro USB port (portrait / landscape setup)

• Dual layer PCB

• 5 Programming layers


• Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10

• Download Programming App support/download

• 4.18(L) x 5.11(W) x 0.84(H) inch

• 0.5 lbs

• 5'ft USB cable

• Operating temp: 0°C to 50°C

• Operating humidity: 0% to 60%


• Falcon 20 RGB Macropad

• 1.5M micro USB cable

• (4) clear rubber feet

• (2) Screw in riser feet

Keycap Information

Keycap Color:
  • Black
Keycap Legends:
  • Laser Etched
Keycap Material:
  • ABS
Keycap Print:
  • Top Print
Keycap Profile:
  • OEM

Product Features

Illuminated Backlit Colors:
  • Multicolor RGB LED
Special Features:
  • 5 Programming layers
  • Backlight Setting Memory
  • Dual Layer PCB
  • Dual Micro USB port
  • On Board Memory
  • USB Connection
USB Polling Rate:
1000 Hz
Key Switch Structure:
  • Mechanical Key Switch
  • Select from Options
Product Dimension (inch):
4.18(L) x 5.11(W) x 0.84(H) inch
Product Color:
  • Black (anodized aluminum)

Technical Information

Operating Temperature:
0°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity:
Average <50% max. 3 months / 75% max
Perfect for trading. Works on mac after you program it on windows. Just what i've been looking for.
Great build quality, extremely easy to set up and program. I would recommend this for anyone needing a macropad who doesn't want to build one from parts.
I'm glad I found this keyboard, it's exactly what I wanted. Being able to press a key instead of three at the same time makes work easier.
I'm an Ubuntu user and the configuration tool only runs on Windows, but I have a virtual machine with Windows installed for cases like this, so it is not a problem to configure the keys. I didn't try using Wine, only installing it required to remove a lot of essential packages, so I ended up not installing it.
great start. i like the compact nature.
I would really prefer 25 keys for my uses and a wrap around back.
It would be nice if i could program in new keys faster but pretty decent and great feel
The MAX Falcon-20 rules. I suppose I'm in the minority of users: I didn't buy it for gaming. Instead, I got it to speed up some of the highly repetitive data processing tasks I do at work. When my boss saw me using it, he reimbursed me the full cost. The RGB lights are a ton of fun, and the sound and feel of the blue switches is extremely satisfying. If you're making your living at data entry, you might as well have fun while you're doing it, right?

I like that you can give each macro a name, but it would be nice if you could name the layers something besides "Layer 1," Layer 2," etc.

One quibble: I'm new to the mechanical keyboard world, so I wasn't sure what row height to use when picking custom keycaps. I bought nine caps for row 4, which is too tall for this pad. So numbers 1-9 are now taller than the rest of the keys on the pad. Not a huge deal, but not ideal either.

Buy this thing. It's sweet.
This thing is great!

The only thing i dont like is the key caps, but i can and will change those out next time drop has a thing going.
I bought the Falcon 20 to enhance my gaming experience in Rise of Flight
Very easy to program with the MAX video - KUDOS!
Special thanks to Mr. Kent Chang for his beyond excellent customer service!!!
Works great & easy to program
I bought this to speed up my 3D modeling workflow. After using it for a few weeks, I have no complaints. The keyboard has excellent build quality, and the software for setting macros is straightforward and easy to set up. The form factor is perfect and I have not seen anywhere else selling this size of macro board with quality keys.
Very nice little macropad, well built and easy to program. The keycaps were a bit underwhelming but I'm changing those anyway. Having a choice of switches so they match my main keyboard is excellent.
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