MAX Falcon-8 Programmable Mini Macropad / Mechanical Keyboard (DIY KIT)

MAX FALCON-8 Programmable mini macropad mechanical keyboard (DIY KIT)
Cherry MX Blue (Tactile & Clicky, 50g) Cherry MX Brown (Tactile, 45g) Cherry MX Red (Linear, 45g) Cherry MX Black (Linear, 60g) Cherry MX Clear (Tactile, 55g) Cherry MX Gray (Tactile, 80g) Cherry MX Green (Tactile & Clicky, 80g) Cherry MX White (Tactile & Clicky, 65g) Gateron KS Black (Linear, 60g) Gateron KS Red (Linear, 45g) Gateron KS Clear (Linear, 35g) Gateron KS Blue (Tactile & Clicky, 60g) Gateron KS Brown (Tactile, 55g) Gateron KS Green (Tactile & Clicky, 80g)
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× NOTICE! FALCON-8 (DIY KIT) unit has been discontinued and replaced by new and improved FALCON-8 RGB (DIY).


. Cherry MX / Gateron mechanical key switches
. Individual backlit keys for enhanced visuals
. Backlight setting memory
. 9 level backlight mode
. 32k on-board memory
. USB 6-key rollover
. Detachable USB cable

. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
. Available USB port

(Configurator / Programming App Loader)

. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP

. CNC anodized aluminum base plate (Qty: 1)
. PCB printed circuit board (Qty: 1)
. 3.3' (1M) Micro USB cable (Qty: 1)
. Clear translucent keycap (Qty: 8)
. 3mm flangeless WHITE LED (Qty: 8)
. Standoff screw (Qty: 4)
. Phillips screw (Qty: 4)
. Nut (Qty: 4)
. 3M clear rubber feet (Qty: 4)
. Sound dampening rubber o-ring (Qty: 8)
. Choice of your switch types (Qty:8)

. Anodized aluminum metal plate
. Support 3mm through hole LED
. Keypad dimension: approx 3.93in x 2.23in x 0.67in
. Keypad weight: approx 0.50 lbs
. Cable length: approx 3.3' foot

. Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
. Operating humidity: 0% to 60%

Keypad must be plugged into your USB host port that provide 100 mA (Milliamps) at 5 V (Volts).

Great keyboard, no issues. Fun to assemble.
Quality of a hardware part is very good. But software part is not so good. Firstly, the configuration application is for windows only( and look like it's written in VB )) ). Secondly, you can not setup keyboard to sent keys like F13-F24 and so on. But there is a trick. The firmware in fact can send any key code, but you have to patch the firmware manually. Overall, i like this keyboard.
Love it. But the aluminium case had a little scratch on the top
One of the best products I have purchased, For Gaming where multiple key press is needed to perform a single function, this little item is perfect.
quality of all the components is outstanding and very easy to program.

10 out of 10.
Work Great when I am doing digital painting with this, the 8 keys does provide a better workflow for my work.
The only slight bummer is that I did wish the software could assign multiple key combination to one button instead of single key, because I am 2 buttons short on my workflow which would have been perfect. Overall still a great product!

Edit: New V2 firmware and programming app now allow you to assign your own key combinations and macros. Perfect!
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