Blue 3mm Flangeless Replacement LED for Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (10 pcs)

Max Keyboard Blue 3mm Flangeless Replacement LED for Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (10 pcs)
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High quality flangeless replacement 3mm led for your backlit mechanical keyboard. These LEDs will fit perfectly on your Cherry MX switch backlit mechanical keyboard. Our LEDs are top notch quality. Yes! very even lighting and bright. Using our LEDs will ensure continuous shine on your key(s) for years to come. Remember you get what you pay for.

LED Color: Blue
QTY: 10 / pack

Tested on: Nighthawk X series, Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, Logitech G710+, Corsair K series, QPAD MK-85, Poker II, Ducky Channel Zero and Shine series.

* "Cherry MX Blue Switch" in the image is for demonstration purposes only. It is not included!
* LEDs are usually soldered on the PCB, you will need to get it unsoldered and then replace it with new one.


  • Used to repair an old blackwidow from Razer. Works perfectly. Thx Max Keyboard.
    Worked great on Corsair K70 (blue LEDs). Was a little concerned as they are clear and the stock ones are frosted, but no issues at all.
    I am using these on my G710+ and they look incredible, much brighter than the original LEDs that come stock.
    Excellent service. Arrived here before predictions and now just waiting to get my soldering material and get this damn keyboard lit again! :)

    Thanks Max Keyboard!
    Keep up with the good work!
    I bought 100 pcs from eBay for $5. Only lasted for 2-4 weeks and LED started to die. I've been using Max's LED for over 9 months now and with 0 dead LED. You won't go wrong with Max keyboard LEDs. Highly recommended.
    Works perfectly with Logitech G710+.
    Worked perfectly fine as a replacement for my Roccat Ryos MK Pro keyboard where one of the LED's went dim.
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