Max Keyboard Keycap Puller Tool - Fairy Wand

Fairy Wand -  Wire Key Cap Puller Tool
Wire-Key-Puller-Cat Paw
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Stylish and high-quality steel wire keycap puller tool is a must-have for any mechanical keyboard owner. Wires on the tool can bend outward to fit onto mechanical switch keycaps. The keycap puller can hold up to 3 keys to speed up key removal and will not scratch your key cap. Compatible with mechanical keyboards including Cherry MX, Alps, and Topre switches.

. Stylish and high-quality construction.
. Fairy Wand designed for maximum comfort.
. Wires can bend outward to fit onto every key.
. Holds up to 3 keys to speed up key removal.
. Compatible with Cherry MX, Kailh, Alps, and Topre switches.

Note: Please do not use this tool to remove spacebar. Spacebar could be removed by using plastic type key puller or by hand after surrounding keys are removed.

I bought the Falcon 20 to enhance my gaming experience in Rise of Flight
I also bought one each of the the Red, Green, Yellow & White Cherry MX Keycaps to designate which keys are for the Flares and a set of the top print G-Keys

*This tool is a MUST HAVE!

Special thanks to Mr. Kent Chang for his beyond excellent customer service!!!
Simple and robust tool. Not really useful to pull several keys in a row (as depicted on second photo), they are harder to extract from puller later. But I really like how gentle it operates, no fear to crack key foot.
Functions perfectly for a very reasonable price.
Simple and useful tool for a good price.
Great tool, would have been a nightmare adding o-rings without it. It is great for all the different key sizes, even the space bar, as it is so flexible.
Great color and design. The branding on the textured shaft is unobtrusive, and the opposing recesses at the distal end of the shaft, together with the generous length and cylindrical shape of the shaft, enable a comfortable, controlled, and pen-like grip.
Inexpensive, and does what it says!
No issues whatsoever. Pretty hard to screw up a keycap puller, but I'd imagine it happens. This one's red, which is cool. Feels fairly sturdy. I'm able to pull 3-4 caps at a time before having to "unload" the puller, helping to speed up full-board cap swaps.
My keyboard came with a plastic key puller but it was hard to position between the keys. This one made it an easy job to R/R keys to install my o-rings.
A world better than trying to prise off keycaps with a mini-screwdriver or anything else that risks damage. Buy once, use always.
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