Max Keyboard Nighthawk Pro X (Cherry MX RGB) Multicolor Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Max Keyboard Nighthawk Pro X (Cherry MX RGB) Multicolor Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
Cherry MX RGB Blue (Tactile & Clicky, 50g)

. Cherry MX RGB mechanical key switches
. 1000 Hz ultra polling rate
. Individual full color RGB backlit key for enhanced visuals
. Backlight setting memory
. 4 levels brightness setting
. 7 different lighting modes
. 512kb on-board memory
. 5 Programmable layers
. Instant record macro on-the-fly
. Laser etched keycap
. N-key rollover (full NKRO or 6KRO)
. Embedded multimedia keys
. Built in 2 high-speed USB 2.0 hub
. Heavy duty braided cable
. Gold plated connectors
. Tilt legs
. Windows key disabled function
. Wrist pad for maximum palm comfort
. US ANSI 104-key
. Programmable macro keys (software CD included)

. Nighthawk Pro X mechanical keyboard
. Wrist pad
. User guide

. Soft matte black upper enclosure with heavy duty braided cable
. 2 downstream USB 2.0 hub (max 100mA each)
. Individual RGB color LEDs
. 50,000,000 actuation on key switches
. 45g - 50g actuation force
. Keyboard dimension: approx 17.5in x 5.7in x 1in
. Keyboard weight: approx 3 lbs
. Cable length: approx 6' foot

. Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows® XP
. Available USB port
. 50MB hard disk space

. Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
. Operating humidity: 0% to 60%

Keyboard must be plugged into your USB host port that provide 500 mA (Milliamps) at 5 V (Volts). Each USB port on the keyboard will support up to 100 mA.

Product Features

Illuminated Backlit Colors:
  • Multicolor RGB LED
Special Features:
  • 5 Programmable Layers
  • Backlight Setting Memory
  • Built in USB Hub (2 Ports)
  • Comfortable Wrist Pad
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Heavy Duty Braided Cable
  • Laser Etched Keycap
  • N-Key Rollover
  • On Board Memory
  • Programmable Macro Keys
  • Tilt legs
  • Windows Key Disabled in Game Mode
Keyboard Size:
  • Full Size (3 sections 100%)
  • USB Connection
Key Switch Structure:
  • Cherry MX RGB Switch
  • Mechanical Key Switch
Multimedia Function:
  • Built in Media Keys
Product Dimension (inch):
17.5 (L) x 5.7 (W) x 1 (H) inch
Product Color:
  • Black Color
EAN / UPC #:
609456362122 (Cherry MX Blue Switch) , 609456362115 (Cherry MX Brown Switch)
This keyboard replaces a Duckyshine that had (1) coffee spilled on the keyboard by a parrot, dousing the lights permanently and (2) keys plucked off by a different parrot. Both are malingerers . . . The new Max is great and the buying experience was flawless. Completely satisfied!
This is my 3rd max keyboard. Excellent keyboards. Love the convenience jacks and usb ports. I just wish the settings app supported linux, even just for basic settings.
This is the only keyboard that I need in my life. Its minimalistic design and keys are unmatchable. I rarely ever leave a comment of recommendation but I just had to leave it for this keyboard. This is definitely worth the buy! 10/10
Great keyboard and typing experience. Less clunky than Das Keyboard. Customer support is very responsive. I still couldn't get my media shortcut keys to work though.
Excellent keyboard
I own a Nighthawk version from a few years back and love it. I purchased this current version with cherry-brown keys as a gift for my son.. The design, construction, and performance are stellar. He's enjoying it very much and enables the rainbow mode to impress his friends. It has got a lot of cool factor.
Got this for my BF for his bday with the translucent key cap set. He's obsessed. The lights are totally customizable; you can change the colors as significantly or subtly as you like and you can have different settings for games vs internet browsing. My BF uses a setting for the keys he uses while gaming and has my favorite shade of green for when I'm doing work on the computer. Very cool, easy to use, tactile clickiness is great. 10/10 would recommend!
This keyboard is all I hoped it would be! Great mechanical "clickiness" and the backlit feature is da bomb! I use it with a Mac Mini, so the macro features don't work but that is a non-issue with me. Purchase direct from Max was quick and easy. Recommend highly!
My first mechanical keyboard and I couldn't be happier. Fell in love with it from the first click. I'll never go back. Glad this was the keyboard to break my Cherry MX.
I did extensive research for a keyboard around this pricerange, as I was finally breaking free from razer. The two tenkeyless boards I wanted were sold out and I was a bit worried that I was going to be settling with the board.

How wrong I was! The cherry browns have the exact responsive feel I wanted, it has all the coloration and effecta options I could ever possibly need, and although its only been a month, it seems so far to be an incredibly sturdy keyboard. Very happy that I took a chance on this. The cherry caps fit a lot of the custom keycaps I was looking into to!
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