White 3mm Flangeless Replacement LED for Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (10 pcs)

Max Keyboard White 3mm Flangeless Replacement LED for Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (10 pcs)
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High quality flangeless replacement 3mm led for your backlit mechanical keyboard. These LEDs will fit perfectly on your Cherry MX switch backlit mechanical keyboard. Our LEDs are top notch quality. Yes! very even lighting and bright. Using our LEDs will ensure continuous shine on your key(s) for years to come. Remember you get what you pay for.

LED Color: White
QTY: 10 / pack

Tested on: Nighthawk X series, Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, Logitech G710+, Corsair K series, QPAD MK-85, Poker II, Ducky Channel Zero and Shine series.

* "Cherry MX Blue Switch" in the image is for demonstration purposes only. It is not included!
* LEDs are usually soldered on the PCB, you will need to get it unsoldered and then replace with new one.

  • Early batches of Ducky Shine 3 had bad LEDs and my TKL was not an exception. Within a month a couple of LEDs were broken and after three years another 3 were dark. Decided to replace them and found this site. Purchased 20 pieces and followed a guide I found on reddit (https://imgur.com/a/Y2Yyn). The LEDs are working perfectly and the color temperatur is exactly as original. I'm very happy with this purchase and strongly recommend these LEDs for Ducky owners.
    Needed to replace an LED on my Ducky Shine 3. The white temperature and brightness matches exactly. The LED can be dimmed with my keyboard and functions as it was intended. It was cheaper than Frys after postage. I am very happy and hope you guys are still around when I need more bulbs to replace. Just knowing that the white temperature matches my keyboard saved me the trouble of trying out a bunch of different LEDs as they never mention compatibility or temperature range like you guys did (good job on this). I have never seen a CM Quick Fire Rapid-i in person as mentioned in another review but I suppose CM Quick Fire Rapid-i and Ducky's don't use the same white LEDs so FYI for future buyers, white temperature is on the cooler side matching Ducky's
    I have the CM Quick Fire Rapid-i with white LED and they do not match. The Maxkeyboard LEDs have a more blue-ish tint to them while the Rapid-i's are pretty neutral white. Still worked out though because I just replaced the number row with the blue-er LEDs.
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