Max Universal Cherry MX Black Translucent Full Keycap Set (Blank)

Max Keyboard Universal Cherry MX Translucent Clear Black Full Blank Keycap Set (No Print)
OEM bulk pack is packed in clear plastic bag for buyer who wants to save on shipping cost due to the size and weight of the retail box

MAX signature Cherry MX universal translucent clear black keycap set. A full set (124 + 8 keys) clear black translucent blank keycaps that will fit 87/88 US/UK layout and 104/105 US/UK layout.

Our special formulation "Smoke Translucent Clear Black" gives you a distinctive look of black-gray color when there is no light passthrough them. When backlit, this spectacular keycap diffuses the light into a magical glowing effect.

This is the only All-in-one DIY replacement keycaps kit designed for backlight or non-backlight Cherry MX switch mechanical keyboards. Kit includes all standard keys, custom keys, 1.5 modifier keys, 1.25 modifier keys, ISO Enter keys, 6.0x, 6.25x, 6.5x spacebar and compatible with 4 different types of spacebar mounting sizes.

Fits most major brands mechanical keyboard such as Razer, Cooler Master, Logitech, Corsair and much more.

. Compatible with Cherry MX / Kailh / Gateron / Razer mechanical switch
. Designed for backlight / non-backlight mechanical keyboard
. Stealth blank key cap without any print
. Complete Cherry MX replacement keycap set for US/UK 87/104 ANSI or 88/105 ISO layout
. 1x Plastic key puller included
. 99% fitment on all major brand name mechanical keyboard

Adesso: MKB-135B
Cooler Master: Quickfire Pro, Quickfire Rapid, Quickfire Stealth, Trigger, Quickfire XT, Quickfire TK, Quickfire Ultimate
Corsair: K60, K90, K65, K70, K70 RGB, K95, STRAFE RGB
Das Keyboard: Model S Ultimate
Ducky Channel: Zero Series, G2Pro Series, Shine Series
Filco: Ninja Majestouch-2
Gigabyte: Osmium Aivia (spacebar not compatible)
iOne: Scorpius M10
KBTalking: KBtalKingPro_limited
Keycool: K-10 Series/Full Size/Partial Backlit, KL-5 Series (TKL) Backlit, K-5 Series (TKL) Non Backlit
Leopold: FC200, FC500 (spacebar might not compatible)
Logitech: G710+
MAX: Nighthawk X7, X8, X9
Mionix: Zibal 60
Monoprice: 9180, 9181, 9433
MSI: GK-601, CK Series
QPAD: MK-50, MK-80, MK-85
Razer: Blackwidow, Blackwidow Ultimate, Blackwidow Tournament
Rosewill: RK9000, RK9100
Steelseries: 6GV2, 7G
Tesoro: Durandal G1N, G1NL, G3NL
Thermaltake: Meka G1
Vortex: PFCN6800
WASD: V1, V2
XArmor: U9BL, U9BL-S, U9, U9PLUS, U9W

*** If you are not sure which keyboard layout and keycap size to choose, CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***



Spacebar Size
6.0 1 center mount with 2 side mount 40mm left & right of the center mount ADESSO - MKB-135B
COOLER MASTER - Quickfire Pro, Quickfire Ultimate
IONE - Scorpius M10
MAX - Nighthawk X7, X8, X9
MONOPRICE - 9180, 9181, 9433
MSI - CK & GK series
QPAD - MK-50, MK-80, MK-85
RAZER - Blackwidow series
TESORO - Durandal G1N, G1NL, G3NL

XARMOR - U9 series
6.25 1 center mount with 4 side mount 40mm or 50mm left & right of the center mount

COOLER MASTER - Quickfire Rapid, Stealth, XT, Trigger
DAS KEYBOARD - Model S series
DUCKY CHANNEL - G2Pro, Shine, Zero series
FILCO - Majestouch
KBTALKING - KBtalkingPro
KEYCOOL - K5, KL-5, K-10 series
MIONIX - Zibal 60
ROSEWILL - RK-9000, RK-9100

6.50 1 center mount with 2 side mount 52.5mm left & right of the center mount COOLER MASTER - Quickfire TK
CORSAIR - K60, K90, K65, K70, K95

Note: We tried our best to make this compatibility information & chart as accurate as possible. However some manufacturers might change their layout without any prior notice. Please help and let us know if you spot any errors, we will update it accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

*OEM bulk pack is packed in clear plastic bag for buyer who wants to save on shipping cost due to the size and weight of the color retail box.
*Metal stabilizer bar and plastic holder & clip for longer & bigger keys are not included in this kit.
*Please check with us if you have further questions.


  • Keycap Information

    Bottom Row Layout:
    • 6.0x Spacebar Row
    • 6.25x Spacebar Row
    • 6.5x Spacebar Row
    Keycap Color:
    • Black Translucent
    Keycap Layout:
    • ANSI 104-Key
    • ISO 105-Key
    • Universal Layout
    Keycap Material:
    Keycap Print:
    • Blank / Non Printed
    Bought these to "blackout" my Logitech G710+ with MX Brown switches. Glad I bought them! The texturing on top has a very nice feel. I hope that the texturing lasts. The quality seems top notch. The smokey look is exactly what I was looking for. They even have the little tabs on the "f" and "j" key on home row just like the stock keys. Customer service was excellent, all of my questions were quickly answered within a day. Key fit is perfect and I can't tell the difference on the feel. I did take out the rubber O rings though from the old keys and put them on the Max Universal keys. The difference is VERY minimal but I wanted the exact feel. Unless your nit-picky like me, you don't have to put the O rings on the Max Universal keys if you have a Cherry MX Brown keyboard at least. I will definitely come back to Max Universal next time I want key cap replacements.
    Order: OEM BULK PACK

    While the assembly was a bit more tricky, all the keys finally found their corresponding place and it gives my keyboard a really nice look.
    If you don't mind the fiddling, then I definitely recommend this!
    Picked up a set of the translucent, clear caps from a Massdrop. These things are absolutely beautiful. They have a very light texturing on the top that gives you good grip when you're really flying, and with Gateron Blues underneath, they are quite the sight. I get a lot of looks when I'm typing with these.

    Then again that might be because of the blues. And because I'm in a coffee shop. Because I'm "that guy." But then again, I bet if you're reading this review, you might be that guy or gal as well. So yeah. Buy these caps. They're dope.
    Great product. They make my Corsair Strafe RGB look fantastic. If you get the blank caps I would recommend getting the retail packaging set so the keys are already laid out in the correct order for you otherwise you will have to guess where all of the keys from the bag belong based on their height and angle.
    Everything fit as advertised.
    Everything is ok, but 4 stars because enter key does not fit. Shape of key is exactly same, but the mounts at bottom are in wrong place. All other keys fitted perfectly.

    Very fast shipping. from USA to UK, it says it takes 12 - 22 days, but I received it in about 1 week, so very satisfied with that.
    Keys have this nice soft and grippy surface, better than the normal ones i had before.
    Love the mod:
    I highly recommend maxkeyboards for purchasing keycaps. It is easy to order, talk to a specialist to personalize your order and they ship very fast. They always give you something extra and these black translucent keycaps brings life and elegance to any backlit keyboard. Maxkeyboards have proven to be the number one source for high quality products and they have a customer for life in me. Don't hesitate to buy these they are amazing
    I ordered them for my Ducky Shine Mini YotH, and they look fantastic!
    Would buy them again for future keyboards!
    (fyi; if you buy international, choose the retail box! i chose the oem bulk pack and one of my spacebars is broken due to shipping.. at least I dont need that one ^^ )
    The best keycaps for corsair strafe RGB

    I've used this keycaps for 2 months now, and i type wrong offen still. If you got the letters on the frontside instead of nothing i would but the ones on the frontside, cus this is so hard to type 100% right. But they look nice though :)
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