Max Universal Clear Translucent Cherry MX Full Keycap Set (Blank)

Max Universal Cherry MX Clear Translucent Full Keycap Set (Blank)
OEM bulk pack is packed in clear plastic bag for buyer who wants to save on shipping cost due to the size and weight of the retail box

MAX signature Cherry MX universal clear translucent keycap set. A full set (132 keys) clear translucent blank keycaps that will fit 87/88/104/105 ANSI or ISO layout.

Our special formulation "Diffused Clear Translucent" gives you a distinctive look of clear white color when there is no light passthrough them. When backlit, this spectacular keycap diffuses the light into a magical glowing effect.

This is the only All-in-one DIY replacement keycaps kit designed for backlight or non-backlight Cherry MX switch mechanical keyboards. Kit includes all standard keys, custom keys, 1.5 modifier keys, 1.25 modifier keys, ISO Enter keys, 6.0x, 6.25x, 6.5x spacebar and compatible with 4 different types of spacebar mounting sizes.

Fits most major brands mechanical keyboard such as Razer, Cooler Master, Logitech, Corsair and much more.

. Compatible with Cherry MX / Kailh / Gateron / Razer mechanical switch
. Designed for backlight / non-backlight mechanical keyboard
. Stealth blank key cap without any print
. Complete Cherry MX replacement keycap set for 87/104 ANSI or 88/105 ISO layout
. 1x Plastic key puller included
. 99% fitment on all major brand name mechanical keyboard

Adesso: MKB-135B
Cooler Master: Quickfire Pro, Quickfire Rapid, Quickfire Stealth, Trigger, Quickfire XT, Quickfire TK, Quickfire Ultimate
Corsair: K60, K90, K65, K70, K70 RGB, K95, STRAFE RGB
Das Keyboard: Model S Ultimate
Ducky Channel: Zero Series, G2Pro Series, Shine Series
Filco: Ninja Majestouch-2
Gigabyte: Osmium Aivia (spacebar not compatible)
iOne: Scorpius M10
KBTalking: KBtalKingPro_limited
Keycool: K-10 Series/Full Size/Partial Backlit, KL-5 Series (TKL) Backlit, K-5 Series (TKL) Non Backlit
Leopold: FC200, FC500 (spacebar might not compatible)
Logitech: G710+
MAX: Nighthawk X7, X8, X9
Mionix: Zibal 60
Monoprice: 9180, 9181, 9433
MSI: GK-601, CK Series
QPAD: MK-50, MK-80, MK-85
Razer: Blackwidow, Blackwidow Ultimate, Blackwidow Tournament
Rosewill: RK9000, RK9100
Steelseries: 6GV2, 7G
Tesoro: Durandal G1N, G1NL, G3NL
Thermaltake: Meka G1
Vortex: PFCN6800
WASD: V1, V2
XArmor: U9BL, U9BL-S, U9, U9PLUS, U9W

*** If you are not sure which keyboard layout and keycap size to choose, CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***



Spacebar Size
6.0 1 center mount with 2 side mount 40mm left & right of the center mount ADESSO - MKB-135B
COOLER MASTER - Quickfire Pro, Quickfire Ultimate
IONE - Scorpius M10
MAX - Nighthawk X7, X8, X9
MONOPRICE - 9180, 9181, 9433
MSI - CK & GK series
QPAD - MK-50, MK-80, MK-85
RAZER - Blackwidow series
TESORO - Durandal G1N, G1NL, G3NL

XARMOR - U9 series
6.25 1 center mount with 4 side mount 40mm or 50mm left & right of the center mount

COOLER MASTER - Quickfire Rapid, Stealth, XT, Trigger
DAS KEYBOARD - Model S series
DUCKY CHANNEL - G2Pro, Shine, Zero series
FILCO - Majestouch
KBTALKING - KBtalkingPro
KEYCOOL - K5, KL-5, K-10 series
MIONIX - Zibal 60
ROSEWILL - RK-9000, RK-9100

6.50 1 center mount with 2 side mount 52.5mm left & right of the center mount COOLER MASTER - Quickfire TK
CORSAIR - K60, K90, K65, K70, K95

Note: We tried our best to make this compatibility information & chart as accurate as possible. However some manufacturers might change their layout without any prior notice. Please help and let us know if you spot any errors, we will update it accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

*OEM bulk pack is packed in clear plastic bag for buyer who wants to save on shipping cost due to the size and weight of the color retail box.
*Metal stabilizer bar and plastic holder & clip for longer & bigger keys are not included in this kit.
*Please check with us if you have further questions.


Keycap Information

Bottom Row Layout:
  • 6.0x Spacebar Row
  • 6.25x Spacebar Row
  • 6.5x Spacebar Row
Keycap Color:
  • Clear Translucent
Keycap Layout:
  • ANSI 104-Key
  • ISO 105-Key
  • Universal Layout
Keycap Material:
Keycap Print:
  • Blank / Non Printed
Looks pretty great and the texture is nice. The keyset came appropriately packed.

When I ordered, they were out of 6.25 transparent space bars, so they promptly contacted me to ask me about replacement options and threw in a few novelty 1u caps in the box. Good customer service overall!
First of all I am Japanese and I can not speak English
I write in Google translation.
Thank you for your support Kent.
He responded to all my doubts with full power, it is a wonderful person
This keycap is attached to Corsair's K70 MK.2
It took not much time to attach the key cap
I was impressed by the fantastic beauty
Looking into the darkening of my room seems to be in the universe
The typing speed became faster, thanks to this key cap
My fingers are dancing, my fingers are pleased and I am also happy
Thank you Max Keyboard and Kent
Outsatnding keycaps. Good weight to them on my K70 keyboard, and they look amazing with the RGB keys as you might expect them to. Highly recommend.
I have PBT and ABS keycaps for my keyboards, and these polycarbonate keycaps feel different. They don't have as high pitched a sound as ABS does. One drawback with these keycaps is that they can fit very tightly on the keyswitch stems but loosely on the stabiliser pieces. My keyboard uses Costar stabilisers which involve a wire and two white pieces that push into the keycap. Most other keycaps I have used seem to fit better on the keyswitches and stabilisers. The other thing is how there are all kinds of numbers and letters and crossbars which are on the underside of the keycaps that are visible when the keycaps are mounted.
Great quality keycaps. They look great on my K70 RGB! :)
I've bought this about a month ago and have been using it for a couple weeks after it arrived. The shipping speed was incredibly fast, I was expecting more than a week, but it arrived within 3 business days. The key remover works great and it took me less than an hour to switch from my original keycaps to these.

My keyboard is the Corsair Strafe RGB. With these clear keys, the lighting was greatly improved compared to the original translucent black keys. Although the spacebar texture is different (original was unique), the rest of the keys felt as great as the original (meaning quality is practically the same or better). Although there were a couple keys that didn't fit, the excess amount of keys allowed me to find relatively matching keys (not noticeable unless you look quite closely).
Also, support was very responsive and helpful with the links to the keycaps that I couldn't find, since I didn't know where to look (even being tech savvy).

Overall, great keycap quality, quick shipping and better support than most other websites.
Keycap quality is excellent. They are absolutely an upgrade over the stock keycaps that came with my K70 RGB keyboard. I would recommend these over the smoked version, as the caps look fantastic illuminated.

This product lost a single star for the obscene shipping costs to Canada. This company needs to fix its shipping rates before I will purchase again.
Beautiful set of keycaps. Picked them up for my Rapid-i keyboard and they change the entire look of the board. They look amazing, the packaging was phenomenal (retail box), and they aren't slippery at all. Overall a really nice set.
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