R1 1x1.25 Cherry MX "Portal" Keycap Set

Max Keyboard R1 / B profile row 1x1.25 Cherry MX "Portal" Custom Backlight Keycap Set
1.25x Portal-Keycap-Pack
In stock

A set of portal key caps pack . Include in the set are (2) R1/B 1x1.25 (fits Das Keyboard, Ducky, Filco, Leopold, Keycool. bottom row 1 x 1.25 CTRL, Windows,  ALT) keycaps. Compatible with all Cherry MX switches.

. Fit Cherry MX / Kailh / Razer mechanical switch
. Designed for backlight / non-backlight mechanical keyboard
. Key cap icon / character / legend are laser etched. See pictures for examples

. R1/B Portal key cap pack (2) - to be placed on 6th row CTRL, Windows or ALT modifier (1 x 1.25 unit)

* Fit CM Storm Quickfire TK "ALT" keys which are 1 x 1.25 unit
* Fit Corsair K series "ALT" keys which are 1 x 1.25 unit
* Fit Logitech G710+ "ALT" keys which are 1 x 1.25 unit
* Fit Ducky Keyboard both "CTRL", "Windows" and "ALT" keys which are 1 x 1.25 unit
* Fit Das Keyboard both "CTRL" and "ALT" keys which are 1 x 1.25 unit
* Fit all mechanical keyboard with both "CTRL", "Windows" and "ALT" keys which are 1 x 1.25 unit

* CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart.

Awesome keycaps that replace now the two Ctrl keys on my Ducky :)
Overall the keycaps look great. My only complaint is on my ducky shine 7, these caps sit higher than all the other ones regardless of being cherry mx switches. Other than that it's a great set!
Is it just me or does the left portal key look like half a swastika?

I've got a ducky keyboard and the keys sit a little bit higher than the original.
The color, structure and thus the reflection is also different.
You can feel the print.

I'm really happy I could finally get rid of my windows keys and I think it's really cool to have the option for custom keys. I just wish the quality ans shape would match my original ducky keys a little better.
Looks awesome with my Corsair K70 LUX. Matches pretty well. It's a slightly different tone of black, and you are able to tell that it didn't come from Corsair to fit the keyboard. They could have matched it better but it's really amazing how close it is. Also a little pricey but not easy to make and ship those. Solid 4 star! Would recommend.
Came even better than expected , quallity of keys is amazing.
These Portal Keycaps are great! I am using them with a Cooler Master keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches and they look and feel great.
Love these keycaps! I'll be ordering more from MAX too. They look great on my WASD CODE keyboard, and they were delivered to me with a quickness!
Well worth the price. Fast and cheap delivery to Europe. Took only a week to deliver. Fits in perfectly with my K65. Would like to see more color options.
Great caps, very clean, great Alt or Ctrl key replacers.
Even though my keyboard isn't backlit these keys look great! The hardest decision was whether they replace the Ctrl or Alt keys!
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