R4 1x1 Media F-Key Shortcuts Keycap Set

Max Keyboard R4 1x1 Media F-Key Shortcuts Keycap Set
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A set of 8 R4 1x1 Media F-Key Shortcuts Keycap Set. Include in the set are (8) R4/E 1 x 1 (fits F-row and Number Row) keycaps. Compatible with all Cherry MX switches.

. LED shine through
. Fits Cherry MX / Kailh / Razer mechanical switch
. Designed for backlight mechanical keyboard
. Keycap icon / character / legend are laser etched. See pictures for examples

. R4/E Media F-Key keycap (8) - to be placed on first or second row (1 x 1 unit)

* Please refer to the following key placement diagram. Green color zone represents R4 / E profile row with 1x1 keycap size

R4 E profile row

Ordered these keycaps for the top right 3x3 set of keys minus the Del key on my Massdrop CTRL keyboard, and they're a great match! Not the exact size and texture of the CTRL's keys (which you can't expect from universal keycaps), but close enough to where they don't ever look or feel out of place. You just can't ask for more for this price. I ordered them from Europe, and they arrived within just about a week without any issues. That's fast for overseas shipping.

These caps earn a confident recommendation from me! And I will gladly return for future purchases as well.
exactly what I expected. feel nice enough and shine through is good.
I have two sets - they both look and feel great :)
Was always having trouble seeing which media key was which on my Razer Blackwidow keyboard so I bought these to replace the F/media keys and it's been so much easier ever since.
I replaced the upper right four caps on my Ducky Shine 4 with these and they look original. I used the Autohotkey software to replace the default key functions.
I used these keycaps with the Falcon-8 keyboard.
This way, it's perfect for media control. The caps are high quality and the LED's shine thru the button part as visible in the product pictures.
I bought these caps to better utilise my unused pgup, pgdn, home, insert, and end keys via autohotkey on my MK Disco RGB keyboard. These keys don't look out of place at all with my black ducky set.
I am incredibly happy with these keycaps, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for shine-through media keycaps. 10/10
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