Row 2, Size 1x1 Cherry MX Keycap (R2 1x1)

Max Keyboard Row 2, Size 1x1 Cherry MX Keycap.
Black Color Keycap Graphite Color Keycap Gray Color Keycap Beige Color Keycap White Color Keycap Red Color Keycap Pink Color Keycap Orange Color Keycap Yellow Color Keycap Brown Color Keycap Olive Color Keycap Woodland Color Keycap Green Color Keycap Mint Color Keycap Navy Blue Color Keycap Royal Blue Blue Color Keycap Purple Color Keycap Purple Color Keycap Black Translucent Keycap Clear Translucent Keycap

Single Cherry MX key. Row 2 1x1 unit keycap. Green color zone represents R2 1x1 key size.

. Fit Cherry MX / Kailh / Razer mechanical switch
. Designed for non-backlight mechanical keyboard
. Stealth blank key cap without any print
. ABS Material (color keycap)
. Polycarbonate Material (translucent keycap)

Each order is for one (1) keycap. Please select desired color.
Color & translucent spacebar are not completely opaque when using on a keyboard with backlighting.

*Please refer to the following key placement diagram. Green color zone represents R2 / D profile row with 1x1 key cap size.

Max Keyboard Row 2, Size 1x1 Cherry MX Keycap

*** If you are not sure which keyboard layout and keycap size to choose, CLICK HERE to view mechanical keyboard keycap layout and size chart. ***

  • The translucent keycaps I bought work wonderfully. They look and feel like quality keycaps, and they succeed in stylizing my keyboard even more. The reason for the 4 stars is how hard they are to take off. They are a very tight fit, much tighter than any other keycaps I have bought. When taking them off I have to be very careful not to break them. Other than that I highly recommend this product.
    Just what i needed!
    Quality keycaps for really cheap price! totally worth it
    1 keycap for my macro keys, perfect!
    solid key, decent price for single. wish it came in a package with esc, wasd, and arrows though.
    Bought 8 different colors for magicka spells, worked perfectly!
    I had to cover a couple macro keys, so I bought 5 to cover what the set I bought wouldn't. They don't get as much use as the normal keys, but I am still fully satisfied with them. Perfect fit and they feel excellent.
    I ordered 3 of these 1u caps in red to serve as 3/4 of a WASD set on my Pok3r (ended up going ESDF to suit my Fn layer, but that's neither here nor there). They serve the job well and look good on my white/red board. They feel nice enough for thin-ish ABS caps. Allows shinethrough of the Pok3r's LEDs, which is subjectively good or bad depending on what you want on your board. Shipping was fast to a US address, as expected.
    very am good buy buy today ok thank
    Customer service was very helpful and fast both with fixing shipping errors and product inquiries, product arrived about a week before the estimated shipping date (transatlantic shipping) and was exactly as described. Keycaps are good quality but were unsorted (into rows) when they arrived.
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