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Cool White, Colemak Mode, Caps Lock Key -> Ctrl Key, OS Key disabled/enabled, NKRO/6KRO, Qwerty Mode, Mac Mode, Dvorak Mode, Full Size (3 sections 100%), USB Connection, 1000 Hz, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Clear, Cherry MX Green, Built in Media Keys, 17.30 (L) x 5.15 (W) x 1.59 (H) inch, Black Color, Windows, Linux, 0°C to 70°C, Average <50% max. 3 months / 75% max, Top Print, OEM, ABS, Laser Etched, Black, ANSI 104-Key, 6.25x Spacebar Row
MAX Nighthawk Z 104-Key Custom Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Top Print)
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On Board Memory, Backlight Setting Memory, Programmable Macro Keys, Built in USB Hub (2 Ports), Tilt legs, Comfortable Wrist Pad, Windows Key Disabled in Game Mode, Gold Plated Connectors, Laser Etched Keycap, Heavy Duty Braided Cable, 5 Programmable Layers, N-Key Rollover, Multicolor RGB LED, Full Size (3 sections 100%), USB Connection, Mechanical Key Switch, Cherry MX RGB Switch, Built in Media Keys, 17.5 (L) x 5.7 (W) x 1 (H) inch, Black Color, 609456362122 (Cherry MX Blue Switch) , 609456362115 (Cherry MX Brown Switch)
KEYBOARD INFORMATION . Cherry MX RGB mechanical key switches . 1000 Hz ultra polling rate . Individual full color RGB backlit key for...
Design your keyboard using our keyboard designer below. Once you are done, double check your LED color scheme and selections then click "ADD TO CART" to...
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